You are You!

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February 27, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Bishop T.D. Jakes said to the attendants of Project Gideon 2015, “You can borrow my coat, but you can’t borrow my courage!” He took of his jacket, and tossed it into the aisle!  For once, no once leaped at the jacket.  His point was made!

In this day of celebrity, the pool of individuals fighting to get to the top are too numerous to count.  Line after line, and wave after wave, are positioning and joking to be in the position to take the mantle of those heavy weights that are before us, and are drawing neigh to the end of their race.  

Much like Elisha to Elijah, people stand hoping to catch the cloak that they might get a double portion, better yet, that they might gain the recognition and notoriety.  Its a fast track mentality that exist, and must be stopped, because greatness is not achieved in a moments time, though it might be recognized in one.

Warriors like Jakes have worked from the bottom, and have been placed into key positions because they not only believed, but worked to get into position.  They are true testaments to the fact that God elevates those who seek to serve Him and know Him on a more intimate level.  And though their testimony reads as a struggle, their life style projects ease, fooling the watcher into believing that Silver Spoon living is a life without the comforts of standard stress and pain.

The point was made it just in his words, but in his act.  The jacketaying on the ground made a powerful statement!  It said those watching understood all of what encompassed wearing the coat, and all of what was not known about putting on the jacket.  Truth be told, everyone had the desire, but no one had the courage to put the jacket on. And the reality of that, revealed the truth in his words.  If you lack the courage to wear the jacket, then the idea of having the courage to be and to accomplish what Jakes had achieved lay void in much of the crowed!  Though some had the courage, they too remained still as a sign of respect for what had been achieved and in honor or the road traveled and what lay ahead for those God is pointing to the next level.  

Everyone wants to get to the next level, but only few will be selected!  The selection will be based on who the person is, and not who they follow or immulate.  There is a unique place that God has prepared for us all, and we will only obtain it if you are committed to being you!  You have the amount of faith and courage to achieve your design, and all else will drain through your cupped hands.  You are You!  It is enough!  It is great, because you were created to be great by one who is great!  We have to see ourselves as great, and this appreciation of self is what makes the difference.  Greatness is a perception from within!  It exist long before the world recognizes it!  You are You!



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