Purpose Power Luke 4:42-43

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March 1, 2015 by pastorjdo3

In this passage, we find Jesus fresh from the wilderness be tempted by the devil.  He leaps head first into ministry, healing the sick and casting our demons; preaching the Good News to the poor, developing in a short time, a large following .  He was like an over night success, on the name of every lips, with people pressing to be near and to hear Him teach and preach.  Jesus fresh from Kingdom work teaches us some powerful lessons through His actions and words.

First, Jesus teaches us to make time for God.  Luke 4:42 “At daybreak, Jesus went out to a solitary place….”  While many of us get caught up in performing life’s task, we must remember that life is more that being a great task master.  We are able to breeze through our list, finding solace and satisfaction in completing assignments.  Keeping in mind, Jesus was operating in His purpose, preforming Kingdom task, about His Fathers’ business, modeling and illustrating the love of God through His acts of compassion.  Though great and admirable, even more important than the work and miracles is what is found in this verse.  Though tired from the work, Jesus found a solitary place.  He purposed to make time to spend with the divine, not just carry our the works of the divine.  In His efforts to serve, He set aside time to recharge, not by getting rest or eating meals, but by receiving the Word of God through time.  We must remember even in doing Kingdom building, that our first responsibility is to build our personal relationships with the King of the Kingdom.  This time insures that we can and will stay on task, because it insures that our relationship with Him is the main focus and desire, not the miracles and the attention achieved from performing them.

Which brings us to the next lesson. Luke 4:42 “…The people were looking for him and when they came to where he was, they tried to keep him from leaving them.”  Jesus finds himself confronted by those he has helped and those that need His help.  They beg him not to leave them.  They are asking him to stay with them!  Actually, they begged him!  They couldn’t fathom loosing this great teacher and miracle worker, but they didn’t know that He was also the Sacrifice.  Staying with them would leave an empty cross, and unused tomb, and an empty seat, and would leave mankind in the same state they were in with the Lord.  Jesus is faced with a choice: Popularity or Purpose?  Many of us are faced with the same decision.  What will you choose?  Is it more important to meet the approval of man, or carry out your purpose from God?  If we are honest, many of us have been delayed and derailed from our purpose, choosing earthly relationships over our heavenly one.

Much like these people, many of us also find ourselves trying to get the corner market on Jesus.  We want Him all to ourselves; without any thought or concern of those He could touch and change in the next town.    The good news is that He is personal; but He is not a personal Jesus, He is a personal God.  He is for all.  He is with all.  He loves all.  He serves all.  There is no place that He is not,.  No place beyond His grasp.  No place that is out of the range of His compassion.  No place He does not desire to show His love!  He wants to touch everyone!  He ants everyone to hear the Gospel!  It is our desire not to be selfish with Him, and the Good News!

I learned even more from this last verse.  Jesus said  in Luke 4:43 “…I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.”  For those of us who have a problem saying no!  Those who desire to please and meet every ones needs!  Here the ultimate source is; saying no to a group of people who is capable of helping.  Here the Godman is, who is filled with compassion, mercy, grace and truth, hearing the cry and pleas of people in need, and saying no!    I was amazed.  I can’t imagine a moment where I am full able and capable of helping, and not doing all I could to solve the problem of someone in need; but God!  Jesus teaches us a valuable lesson.  When making decisions, your purpose carries the most weight.  I wondered how many people have missed their destiny because they did not consider their purpose when making decisions?

In conclusion, Jesus always had His purpose in mind, and used it to direct His path.  He was in constant contact with the Divine Father to make sure He was not only focused, but clear.  If we will take these lessons for Christ, we can  not only be effective in task, but will find ourselves more fulfilled, because we will be taking steps towards our purpose, and not just completing task in a circle and surviving from the cheers and approvals of those we help.



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