Creation Creates the Culture…(Session 2)

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March 5, 2015 by pastorjdo3

This week in Counter Culture, David Platt painted a picture for God to get the glory through Genesis 1:1  & John 1:1-4.

Both text help us identify first that God is the creator.  He is and has always been, and created the world and everything in it from His Word.  Not only was it created by His Word, but it’s sustained by His Word.  God’s role as creator gives Him the right to set in order the rules that accompany the existence of what He made.  He has the license and complete authority to change, update and or leave as is because He is the owner of all that exist.

As creator, God does not just create rules, God empowers His creation by providing a structure with how to maximize life in the culture that the creation was created to exist in.  He made the original ecosystem.  God imparts into his Creation.  God made the creation to be sustained by each other. Designing one portion at a time, He made life able to sustain itself and to recreate its own, feeding each other, protection one another, and bringing glory to God with its existence.  God was programming His creation, placing in it the ability to adapt and to flourish not just in its first generation, but through thousands of generations.

The tension that emerges from the creation is through the serpent, who challenges what God says. The line of questioning was to get the man and  woman not to accept what God has said, but to decide for themselves what was right and wrong.  He convinced them that they should be able to decide for themselves what was good and evil by eating from the tree, and started a vicious rebellious cycle that we see even today.  The devil wants you to decide what is right and wrong apart from God and hence, we must go counter to the culture.

God is the creator and has the right and authority to set the culture. His determination as to right and wrong are subject to no ones approval and aren’t to be seconded by any lesser authority.  It stand alone!  It is absolute!  It is final!   God is fair in that He not only gives boundaries, but announces both the effect of disobedience and also the punishment that accompany it.  We must acknowledge God as the creator and must accept that His rules are what will help us maximize our existence in His creation.


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