Forgiveness; A Kingdom Mandate!


April 5, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Tonight, the Bible Study rendered a powerful conversation about understanding, forgiveness, healing, and restoration.

Discussion began with a look into service, exploring how our past, affects both our present and our future.  Though serving a righteous King and amidst a righteous Kingdom, the pain and hurt that exist within the body from the imperfections within the body of Christ.forgiveness

Think it not ironic that Jesus stressed the importance of forgiveness.  Seeing how un-forgiveness has wounded and caused the body to be littered with casualties.  His foresight is our hindsight.  Jesus knew that in service and in relationships, injuries often occur.  It is our responsibility and obligation to show others the same love and response God has towards our sin to each other.  With the amount of laborers being low, the existence of un-forgiveness leaves the church severely lacking in harvesters amongst a harvest that is plenteous.

I wondered to myself how many ministries have stalled from un-forgiveness.  Jesus stressed the importance of spending as much time repairing our relationships with each other as we do our relationship with Him.  It is key to Kingdom, to have its Citizens washing each other, building each other, and allowing the Spirit to show forth in oneness.  This oneness is key Jesus says to knowing that He was sent, and that He was in fact the Messiah.  Could it be that our aught amongst each other displays such a lack of unity, that it makes it impossible for others to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior?

In this quest for a multicultural congregation, I sense that healing and restoration will be the keys to bringing harmony within the Body of Christ. We must lean on each other and allow the Love of Christ, and the Healing of Forgiveness to be the convicting and sealing factor in our congregation.



One thought on “Forgiveness; A Kingdom Mandate!

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    This portion of the discussion was so very real. Our churches are missing out on the gifts of those who have been offended. Furthermore, we have many that won’t come because of non forgiveness from members of the body towards those who are unsaved.


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