Trust; Sealing the Bond


April 6, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Bible Study entered into another conversation about trust, through a participant who made a decision towards their contribution towards their home church (Member had saved money, and then instructed by the Lord was to give said resources to said congregation).  Upon the day for contribution, it was decided to split the money between congregations, that the temptation would be removed from the parties handling the resources.

The sum of the dialogue was the need for trust between God and Pulpit, and Pew and God.  The Bible reminds us of the dangers of placing our faith in man.  Man is a flawed vessel, prone to fail and bound to come up short of the mark that has been placed before them.  Knowing this, we must maintain a proper perspective when it comes to giving when our vantage point is the pew.   Our gifts are to the physical organization of the church, but Spiritually, the church is the House of the Lord; thus even though an organizations name is write on a check, it is a contribution to the Kingdom, which is lead by the King of Kings.  His Kingdom is under His rule, and His subjects are subject to His rule, and with power; and will be recipients of His wrath when deemed by Him justified.  God chooses the man and or woman that He desires to lead, and they are subject to give a full account upon their management of His sheep and His resources.

As Institutions and leaders, the Bible does hold us responsible for protecting our reputation and being reputable in the community.  Though the main Trust relationship is between God and Pulpit and Pew and God, there is a relationship between the Pulpit and the Pew; one that is very important.  As Shepard, both God and sheep, are trusting the Shepherd with the cargo of the church.   Though not under the the authority of the church, the pulpit has a responsibility to not just be good stewards over the financial resources of the church, but the spiritual resources of the church.  As pulpit, it is our jobs to insure the people that the church they attend is a intuition that uses current practices and that proper checks and balances exist that are in keeping with good stewardship.

As an example, a story of Oprah Winfrey wtrustas shared.  As a believer, she reported being a faithful tither, until she was faced with writing checks the size of a years salary.  She reported asking herself the question, “what are they going to do with this money?”  Though she uses the money to bless many people both locally and abroad, the initial occurrence was one that many face and fail to pass.  When writing a check of $3, You are giving to God; …$30; to God; ….$300; to God; …..$3,000 to God and  $30,000; to Man? It is slight of hand from the devil.  Our garden experience! The devil carefully shifts our eyes from God to man, in an effort to pull us towards disobedience.

If the man or woman of God misuses $2, they will give an account, because God is holding them accountable for being good stewards.  Truthfully, in Gods eye, sin is sin, thus even the comforts of man’s distinction of felonies, misdemeanors are of no help.  God carries out justice, and guarantees that a person will reap what they sow.



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    I so enjoyed our discussion. As a Man of God, its good to have discussions that offer both understanding and healing. Looking forward to tonight!


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