Corporate Vs. Compassion: The Eyes of Christ in the Work Place!


April 23, 2015 by pastorjdo3

One theme that developed from the study, is the blessing and the curse of corporate and corporate mindset.  The blessing of corporate is that one is able to earn and find esteem in value in their positions and satisfaction in their management and productivity with the resources they have been entrusted with.  corporate_america_cover

Though great, there is a a curse that accompanies this blessing, that works contrary and counterproductive to the assignment and life of the believer.  Corporate makes us shy away from relationships.  It creates hierarchy, places worth and value on those above and beneath, setting the guidelines on proper interaction, particularly conversations.  It is said that to protect ones job, they should never discuss religion and politics.  Truthfully, when the sifting is done, one will find the emphasis on religion more than politics.

Corporate encourages us to see people as numbers and or pieces to produce.  We are given demographics and figures, cutting along lines based upon performance, not only of the person, but on the performance of the company stock.  Decisions on the future of a family lays in the hand of wealth investors, who guide the corporations direction based upon profit margins, often firing people not because of their lack of performance, but in a desire to see their stock perform better by increasing their profits.  This encourages us to be selfish, making decisions not for the person, but because of the numbers.  And while we are profiting, we are taught to fire people to increase our profit, despite their productivity and loyalty.

Why dangerous?   Relationships spread the gospel.  If we are taught not to be develop relationships with those we encounter, then we restrict ourselves from being a resource and a guide.  Because we know that our jobs are more than income, but an avenue to reach and speak to others,  we must pray for wisdom when on the job as to how to develop without creating a non-productive work environment or an offensive environment.

How is it that the CEO of CREATION.INC could leave his office, and dwell among us?  Sharing both his knowledge and his wealth.  Correcting our error, and forgiving our wrong,  touching our families, restoring our sick, healing our wounded, and raising our dead?  He did all this, even making further arrangements that we could access him in the future, and have the power to do and accomplish what He accomplished while with us, and left the power for us to do greater things.  He even left us permission to utilize His name.  And after all this, we gain positions, close doors, treat those beneath us as unworthy, and wont extend a hand to help the ones with us or following us get into the position we are in.   We need to find an approach that both maintains a proper perspective on our roles as supervisor, employer and employee that doesn’t restrict us from sharing out faith through the shining of our light, and the sharing of the Gospel.  Furthermore, we must not place our jobs and roles as more important than the Gospel, but see them as avenues to spread the word.  We must ask God for this wisdom, and not allow our corporate training to keep us from being effective for the kingdom, and also from seeing people as Christ saw them; with compassion.


One thought on “Corporate Vs. Compassion: The Eyes of Christ in the Work Place!

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    This discussion was awesome. Hearing from those in corporate America and seeing how it impacts our faith was sad. The environment, I believe if we take a little time, we will discover that it has taken route in some of our churches both large and small. This must change, or Christ will come again and have to clean out the temple once more!


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