Counter Culture: Session 11

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May 13, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Session 11 was confrontational.  Reading the account of God speaking to Job the 38th chapter, forced each member of the group to take a moment to do some self reflection. In our own lives, we could identify with both God and Job.  One one hand, asking questions or treated unjustly, and one the other hand facing the questions from those who lack understanding and complete trust in our decisions.  covenant

God challenges Job in the 38th chapter, asking him a series of questions.  The sum of them, who are you to question me?  As a Father to a child, God asserts himself as the creator and the one in charge of all things.  God ask Job “where were you…?  Job, hurting, and rightly so (after loosing everything) has questions of the Lord about the loses he had despite his righteousness and commitment to the Lord!  God, the provider of His Wife, Children and Possessions reminds him that all things are a direct result of His Hand.  God is the source of all blessings.  He is the creator of creation, filled with all right towards His creation.  He can both give and both take life and provisions as He chooses.  He allows Job to experience loss, not as a punishment, but as a response to His righteousness and their relationship together.  Every hardship we experience is not judgement or punishment. God allows us to experience life, and the results of our choices and others choices, and maintains His relationship with is throughout.  He can provide and guide us through any situation.  He does not need the perfect circumstances to bring us through!  Job didn’t need to worry, and neither do we!  God replaced all Job had and then some.

After considering it all, Job replies is the 40th chapter, “I am nothing.”  Jobs acknowledges, that God knows best, and that he lacks the answers to life’s issues.  Who are we that we believe that we know what is best for our life and the lives of others.  We make decisions in a vacuum, and see the world in parts, and can’t piece together reactions and cause and effects over time; yet we often feel we know whats best.  Job considered all these things God had spoken and and determined that it was best to trust God.  He places his hand over his mouth, and silences himself!  Though it is tough, we like Job need to silence ourselves at times.  We must be still, and know that, despite our circumstances, He is still God!

And because He is God, we can have confidence, because God honors covenant.  Job knew that He was in covenant with God, thus the circumstances didn’t make sense.  We must know that God’s covenant does’t not mean that all will go well, just that all things will work for good.  We see this also with Noah, another man that sought righteousness; choosing to be apart from the world in the midst of wickedness.  We see God sparing his life and the life of His family because he was Godly and one that sought to do right with his earthly inhabitants.  God determined that the world needed a reset, and that He would not only destroy it, but preserve it by using the family of a Godly man to replenish the earth and restore it according to his design and desire.  Righteousness is its own reward we discovered.  It provides peace, and should not just be sought for favor and to gain rewards, but to be as God desires.  In the midst of seeking God first, Noah finds favor.  His reward; his family was saved!  As heads of households, we must seek righteousness, knowing that the generations to follow are dependent on the seeds we sow into their existence, and the favor that is show by our commitment to living and raising our families according to God’s instructions!

In order to fully benefit from God’s covenant, we must obey His instructions.  Noah was careful to do all that God has instructed Him to do.  The knowledge of being favored wasn’t enough.  He knew that survival and living the favored life depended on following instructions.  We wondered what would happen if we all did the same? How would life be if we received God’s Word, and then showed faith in it by living according to His statutes, not wavering to the left of the right?  Inside of covenant, there are laws and regulations that must be observed.  And while God will not break covenant, there are things we can do inside of that that can cause us to miss out on what God is doing!  The children of Israel discovered this; chosen, favored, and had bodies scattered over the desert.

Be it noted that favored didn’t not mean perfect and exempt Noah from family problems or loosing his temper once embarrassed and placing a curse on his own son!  In this life, trust is a must, and covenant is everything.  Our covenant is an extension of our relationships.  What is the value of your covenant with God?  And are there other covenants that compete with your covenant with God?  Do you fully trust Him?  Are you wavering in doubt?



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