Counter Culture: Session 12

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May 18, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Session 12 of Counter Culture would provoke much thought and lead to much discussion.  The topic; Abortion.  Yes, Platt leads a great discussion on the topic, setting together a frame work that serves as a counter argument to the basic serves one will receive while in discussion on the matter.  Though aces are incoming, Platt gives a platform that allows for one to return the serve and attack the net.

In general, the topic of abortion floats under the current.  While homosexuality leads as a trending topic, America has decided, and the world for that matter, that the decision lays in the hand of the individual in the specific set of circumstances they finds themselves in.    Again, we find ourselves on the edge of taboo if a stance is taken that doesn’t align with God’s Word, and we are forced to take the views of the political party in which we follow.  Sin is not a “party” matter; it is a what God says that matters.  Thus, what does God say?

Matthew 10:29-32 highlights a teaching of Jesus.  He says, “Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny?  Yet not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.”  Here we see God addressing man’s value on life, and His view on life.  He shows us that man’s value of the sparrow is only a penny (meaning, it has very little value), but God protects and watches over the sparrow, directing its life from is entry into the world and its exit.  This is found when He says, God won’t let the sparrow fall unless He wills it.  This also shows that God is in control of life and death.  He has personal choice in what is here.  Though we might not see the sparrow, or feed the sparrow, or care for the sparrow, God sees and cares for it, just like he sees and cares for us.  Then He continues, “Even the hairs on  your head are numbered.”   He shows us that God is about details.   He pays attention to us, and has designed out every aspect of our life.  And when a hair falls, he is aware that it is missing, and its absence is due to His design.  He concludes, “…you are more valuable than many sparrows.”  Value from man is far different from value from God.  God values and respects life in general.  He is a respecter and protector of all life. cropped-bodybiblestudy.jpg

Platt then leads us to Psalm 127:3 which states, “Children are a gift from the Lord…“.  For discussion, we discussed the manner in which gifts are relieved.  In that, one of the arguments for ones right to choose surrounds the circumstances not just in what a person is, but in how the child was created.  The scripture says children are a gift.  They are sent from God to be a blessing to us.  We discussed the challenge that is had in creating life.  Not only how some are found barren, but how many struggle to conceive.  God is truly the director and orchestrator of life itself!

The writer of Psalms 139 continues the case for Platt, in verses 13-16, “Certainly you made my mind and heart; you wove me together in my mothers womb.”  Highlighted here is the understanding of the writer that God is building in the womb.  The baby is both attached and alive, and is in the care of the Father, much like the sparrow is valued and cared for by the Lord even when we can’t see him.  The writer continues, “Your eyes saw me when I was an unborn fetus….” which addresses some of the more recent arguments for supporters of abortion.    As people, we have accepted an argument that is created outside of the lines of God’s Word, creating a gray area, when none exist.

All in all, agreed that abortion was not God’s will, but in discussion, many admitted that there are circumstances in which they would consider the act.  We talked about this, and looked to our faith and maturity in the Word and in our walk with God to guide us if we are ever lead to this shoreline.  Our prayer, Lord allow me to trust you to provide and protect for me.  Lord help me to believe when I have moments of unbelief.  Lord help me to look to you when I am lost.  Lord let me lean upon when my circumstance are hard to bare.

Even still, Platt leaves us with a good word!  Psalm 103:10-14 reminds us that God is a forgiving God.  Though we falter and waiver, God is willing to restore us.  We can forgive ourselves from any sin or wrong against the Lord and walk forward towards favor and in forgiveness.



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