Counter Culture: Session 13, Pornography

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May 21, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Tuesdays’ session addressed a topic that is affecting many aspect of society.  The topic; pornography!  Pornography Tuesdays, once a small category, has now catapulted to the front, leading almost ll industiries in sales and popularity.  The once taboo topic, has now settled in as a part of the fabric of life, seen by many as an acceptable practice, good for entertainment, information, training, and to add the extra spice.  It has destroyed many homes and strained many relationships, cheapened many experiences and ruined some self esteems.  An industry that once focused its efforts on male consumers, now directs its attention to the woman, in an attempt to obtain total dominance.  Our effort was to explore Gods Word, and to discover the dangers and perspective off God towards the medium of porn.

Platt ties together the porn industry with the sex industries, particularlylarly sex trade/trafficking.  He shows tha parallel in statistics, and the ramifications of supporting an industry that destroys lives, exploits men and women, and sits opposed to God’s Word!image

Our scripture: Matthew 5:27-30.  Jesus says, “…anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”  A hard truth!  God teaches us that adultery is more than a physical act.  He also shows us that our thoughts are life.  As creations of His likeness and image, God knew that the central piece of the sexual organ, the most important part of any experience, the lead in making anything a physical reality is our minds.  Thus, our thought life is central to our righteousness.  It’s is pivotal to maintaining control, and key to meeting Gods approval.  Thus God tells us to renew our minds in Romans 12, so that we might achieve Gods will.

And yes, there is a difference between look and lust.  As it was pointed out, men and women are everywhere!  The text says “if your eye causes you to lust, gouge it out and throw it away.”  Yes, we must avoid situations and circumstances that will lead us to sin.  We must know ourselves and make the call that leads towards giving God glory.  Lust is more than looking. It is the thoughts towards a person that are sensual in nature that remove the innocence from the casual appreciation or acknowledge, that a person is attractive.  This look of lust is against Gods will.  He wants us to have His eyes of compassion, not to have eyes of lust.  We are His children, and should be addressed likewise, and not undresses in anyway.  We are to look upon each other with innocence, keeping the kingdom as our focus, walking by the Spirit and not as the flesh.

One of the dangers of pornography is that it encourages us to be selfish.  Though not all Pornogrphy leads or causes masturbation as a response, it still teaches selfish principles.  The scenes and scripts paint a picture of life that is distorted, leaving each viewer to believe that any time, any place and any person is the right time for a sexual encounter.  It encourages the viewer to settle for relations and not develop relationships.  The core of our existence and calling is relationships.  Relationships with God and others, because we are called to be disciples.  God doesn’t want our lives to be consumed with lustful thinking.  God doesn’t want our marriages to be consumed with sex!  God designed sex to be enjoyed by both, but not to be the some total of a relationships existence. 

Pornography opens doors that shouldn’t be opened, and props open doors that are usually never closed. This was a major part of our discussion.  We have all opened some doors that we wish we could close and wish we had never opened (not restricted to sexual doors).  Though it is lawful to do most anything, the Bible reminds us in 1 Corinthians 6:12I have a right to do anything, but I will be mastered by nothing.” Pornography can slowly become our master, as can anything we open the door too.  This is why we must avoid certain experiences and exposures.

As for pornography being good for training and exploration; we are creative beings!  In college, a friend would always say, “we all have a little freak in us preacher”.   While the jury is out on the “freak” in all of us, let us acknowledge that as creative beings, when proper time is taken to express our love and care for our spouses, we can be creative enough to keep the spice and season in our relationships and find satisfaction and enjoyment in the traditional dishes!  “We can make our own Mount Rushmores.  Create our own delicacies. We can explore our own frontiers.  We can launch our own explorations!  Explore our own deep!  Land on the surfaces of uncharted territories and plant our own flag and decree one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind ( it sounded more inspirational when I said it).  You don’t need a video, just take the time to talk and be creative with your spouse!

A funny moment in study occurred when verse 30 was read!  It says, “if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away“. Though the lesson was about pornography, this verse was not aimed specifically at masturbation!  Though the principle applies, because God knows the struggle of many teenage boys and girls, it is unlikely that He would be so harsh.  We would have a church full of one handed disciples (some no hands)!



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