Counter Culture: Session 2 CGDC

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May 23, 2015 by pastorjdo3

The second session of the Copper Grove Discipleship Group was insightful.  The discussion; God the Creator, Man the Creation, and Creativity.  Scriptures Genesis 1:1 and John 1: 1-4 were used to set the platform for the discussion.  Platt starts God’s right to set rules and boundaries for it by insuring that all understand God to be the source of all that exist.
God is the Master Site planner of, not just the earth, but the universe!  God in the beginning, could see every last house, business, birth, car, outfit, etc.  Not only did He see it, but He planned the earth, specifically, to sustain each thing that would exist.  He placed enough trees and plants to not just provide oxygen for man to breath, but to build each home needed, business needed, transportation needed, each fire, and every piece of paper needed for writing and or printing.  He planned everything down to the last bit!
God showed us in Genesis how he builds to sustain, not builds and abandons.  As a chain, everything that was created was made after that which would sustain it.  Because of this, we can rest assured, knowing that God is not in the habit of building what He can not sustain.  He has placed enough here for all of us, even accounting for the greed that we would have and the lack of resourcefulness and wastefulness that we would display.  He accounted for it all!
God created the heavens and the earth!  One of the greatest things about the astronauts was the pictures the brought back from space.  It gave us a view of the grandness and the uniqueness of the earth and space.  It showed the many layers and creativeness of our God.  We are so close to creation, that we often loose perspective on just how amazing creation is.  How amazing we are!  How amazing God is!!!!  Sometimes we have to step back and look at what God has Created and be impressed with it.  We get familiar with Creation and stop appreciating its Creativity and its Creator.
In God’s order, everything created was created after the very thing it would need to sustain itself.  At the front of the chain is God!  Everything came from God, thus He is the central key to life itself.    We need God!  God didn’t only make provisions for us to have the resources to physically sustain ourselves, but He Christ existed, which was the provision that took care of our eternal needs.  This shows how God planned for everything.  He is a God that fully thinks things through.  
Thus if you lack, you need only to look around.  God places the resources we need to sustain ourselves in our hands and within our reach!  We must decide how and when to use the resources.  We must determine to manage the resources well, and to use them for their proper purpose.  One of the shows discussed was Naked and Afraid, which shows the life of 2 people for 21 days in a location where they have only nature to survive.  When left, they have to make some immediate decisions about food, shelter, fire, water and protection.   They have to make decisions as a team, and choose to take roles that are best for survival.  They combine their skills and experiences to maximize the lands potential, and through bonding, make the sacrifices that lead to survival.  Teams often find themselves concerned about different things.  Arguing as to weather its best to do one task or the other, and many times they in hindsight wished that they had reversed the order in which something was done.  So too we as mankind, find ourselves often building and obtaining out of order.  God desired for mankind to be Naked and Unashamed.  He wanted us to be transparent and free.  God wanted us to accept each other as we were, and not to sit in judgment, nor did He desire for us to be in constant comparison to one another or hiding from each other.
Platt leads us to Genesis 3:1-7 to look at the fall of mankind!  God created mankind knowing that they would fail!  Likewise, He created us knowing the pain and trouble He would have to go through to restore and also direct our path.  God knew the devil would tempt them!  He knew that they would stumble and falter, yet He still chose to create them, and walk with them, teaching them, sharing with them, and giving them dominion over the earth.  Adam and Eve had the whole world and were concerned about one tree.  They had control over as far as the eye could see and they had God by their side and teaching them, but they were distracted by the serpent who confronted them about the one thing God prohibited access too.  We too have the world at our feet, and choose to focus on the one thing that we can’t have.  If only we could focus on what we have!  We could avoid pitfalls and the traps set by the adversary.
Adam and Eve had the Creator at their fingertips!  Anything they lacked, they could ask.  Anything they didn’t know, they could ask.  We know wisdom is from God and is given liberally, all they had to do was ask, and he would have given.  All they had to do was wait, and the lesson would have been taught.  But they didn’t.  Why we are so eager for shortcuts, only God knows.  All things truly work for good, and thus we must allow God to take us down the path that develops and creates us into our greatest self.  This takes place when we walk with Him, study Him, question Him and seek Him.  It might take time, but we will get what we need.
The devil was able to get Eve to fail by asking her God’s Word, and then challenging whether she believed what God said.  He challenged it by suggesting that God was withholding from them.  In this, the devil was attempting to be the source of wisdom and knowledge for man, interrupting what God was doing, and drawing the man off the path God desired for them!  God is still doing this.  He is always confronting us about truth and challenging truth.  It is important to note that Eve knew God’s Word.  She was able to quote it back to the devil, but when pushed, she found herself in a moment of doubt.  It is not enough to study and memorize His Word, we must learn to stand and not waiver!

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