Politics: The Perspective Lense (McKinney Pool Incident)

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June 9, 2015 by thebodychurchtx


As I perused the comments on page after page attached to the video, eager to gain the perspective of those watching, and taking the temperature of the racial climate; I was saddened.  A comment from a friend, left me breathless and added fuel to the fire of the vision God has shown me for His Kingdom on Earth.

The comment, “You can’t trust the liberal media!”, as though you can trust the “conservative media.”  Our media, both liberal and conservative have become the bottom feeders of the world; pouring salt into the wound and adding accelerants to stories by omitting and highlighting certain aspects and ignoring others.  poolparty

Recently, I sat with one of my daughters, listening to the optometrist explain to her how to use her progressive lenses.  To see far, she would have to look straight through the center, and to read, she would have to direct her…

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