Counter Culture: Session 3 (CGDC)

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June 10, 2015 by pastorjdo3

The session for the evening flowed well.  The group, focused on the Creator and the design He had for His Creation.  Though God granted mankind dominion over the earth, He gave them rule in a structure that would benefit them, and give them the opportunity to be most like Him.

Platt accounts Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1-4 to set the back-drop for the creator, helping us to see the picture of the Creator, carrying creation within Him, and spitting forth life in His time.  His mind a womb, developing His idea, pressing forth life through His lips and resting post birth experience.  banner

God has always been!  He is the sole source of all creation.  Without Him, nothing would exist!  It was His power that gave birth to creation, and His creativity that design each things.  God stood alone, and chose to bring forth mankind, making provision for them both earthly and eternally.  We see that Jesus was there in the beginning, and thus we see how strategic God is in already having the perfect sacrifice, long before the sacrifice was do to enter, depart, and return to rule.  God has more than hindsight.  He is a forward thinking and seeing God, who starts and finishes what was begun.

Verse 5 states “And the light shines on in the darkness, but the darkness has not mastered it.”  Daily, we exist amidst a spiritual battle.  One in where the forces of good, try to master the forces of God.  As creation, we stem from the creator, created from His essence, formed in His image and likeness, but existing amongst the darkness, housed in flesh, on a mission to subdue our flesh or accomplish God’s will on earth.

In Genesis, we see the will of God in its perfect state, just moments before sin crept into Creation.  Verse 25 of Genesis 2 point the image of man and woman being open, honest, transparent and truthful with one another.  They knew no sin, and had complete respect and acceptance of one another as creations of God in harmony.  As a group, we set this as our course.  Determined to build relationship with each other, with God as the source and focus of our existence, seeking to live with one another in an innocent state that allows for genuine and close relationships through Christ, void of judgement, and packed with grace.

And lo, sin sat in wait; eager to come in between the relationship of Creator and Creation, and place stress and strife between man and woman.  Wherever God’s plan and will is at work, the devil seeks to take that which is, and to pervert it by attacking those God is blessing and using to be a blessing to each other.  We talked about the strife we have experienced inside and outside of the Kingdom of God!  Our relationships are now void of the innocence God desired, and now we are left questioning each other motives and intent.  The devil make his living questioning God’s creation, working to create gray areas of doubt that open the door for disobedience!

We must fight to stay the course of God, by trusting His Word.  The man and woman knew God’s Word, but the devil was able to get them to question God’s character.  He convinces that which is created by the creator in the image and likeness of the creator that the creator who created the creation desired not for the creation to be like the creator.  How sad it is that we doubt God!  That we question where God has our very best in mind when He created rules and laws.  The fact that He created us, should be enough for us to see His complete love for us!

God has the right as the creator to set rules and regulations for His creation.  We must accept His will; knowing that His plan is to prosper us in life, not just for His glory and pleasure, but for our enjoyment.  Sin keeps us from living this life to the full, thus Jesus was set in motion to correct what the devil had gotten of course through the fall of man.  Oh that we would not only accept the sacrifice, but that we would live our life worthy of the sacrifice!  Let us place Him first in all we do; bringing glory to His name and finding peace in our time on this earth.



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