Neighbor; Proximity or Personhood (McKinney, TX)

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June 10, 2015 by thebodychurchtx

Great post from our Pastor. This serves a challenge to the believing Body to be slow to respond and compassionate in our actions. God requires us to see all races, creeds, social and economic backgrounds as people, and wants us to be neighborly in our treatment of all people!


The McKinney Pool party stands atop the social media trending topic, has drawn a wide range of opinions, and shed light an insight on an on going problem that has always been.  Much like God spoke to Cain in Genesis, “Sin is crouching at our door”, waiting for the right moment, to reveal the circumstances that can lead either to God’s approval and favor or a curse and life away from His presence.  Cain, when faced with rejection, was filled with anger and in danger of allowing the rage within him to strike out against his very own brother.

My brothers, I remain concerned about the happenings we face, feeling the pain and anguish of one community, and the confusion of others who are unclear about why anger and frustration exist.  The peaceful protest have revealed many great things, the freedom of speech that should always exist, and the…

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