Pictionary; Northpointe Faces off (NPDC)

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June 11, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Tuesday, the Northpointe Discipleship Group had its first game night!  The group faced off in an epic battle of Pictionary.  The teams stacked with talent, found competition easy.  Settled in, the captains lead off their respective groups in a race to 25.  With the score moving back and forth on the score card, teams went for the two point option each time to add pressure and at times display artistic skill and the depth of

Skill was shown from Bro. Lou, who was simply on fire.  Showing a vast vocabulary and creativity, he was able to both draw each item, and figure out even the most difficult puzzles.  He flowed through each presentation, often solving puzzles before the artist was finished with their master piece.  landslideMost challenging was the drawing from Pastor Johnny’s selection of New York Minute, which featured a United States that looked like a Tea Pot, and a clock that featured a short hand that was too short.  Bro. Lou’s wizardry was so impressive that he stood, raised his hands, bowed and declared in a Broadway voice, “Thank you for coming! I’ll be here all night!”

The night, organized by Sister Ashley was topped off by her orchestration of Mexican cuisine from all that attended.  Center stage were homemade chicken enchiladas.  The chicken excellently season, was shredded so thin, that chewing was optional.  This cheese covered master pieces was the perfect focal point of each plate, only rivaled by the variety of Bundt Cakes that closed out the evening.


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