Session Summary 6.26.25 (CGDC)

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June 30, 2015 by Dr. Q

Friday the Copper Grove Group met for Bible Study.  After time in Fellowship, the group read through the 23rd Psalm and bared witness about what the Holy Spirit had revealed to them.

First, it was spoken that the Lord is a personal Shepherd that cares for His sheep so well, that we have no wants.  Our Lord is not only a protector, but one that guides us.  One of His key responsibilities is to make sure He manages the resources of the flock, keeping us in position to have what we need to survive and thrive.  When we are obedient to Him to that we can enjoy being under His care and not move without Him, and placing ourselves in desperate situations.

Second, He directs His sheep down a path that is one of righteousness and not wickedness.  Under His direction, we find ourselves on a path of righteousness that keeps us focused on Him, while he provides for our needs through our obedience to His directions.  To some, this seemed to be an affirmation of sorts.  Maybe this was David’s way of reminding his self that the path that lead to acquisition was righteousness, and the path to loss what was obtained is unrighteousness.  David knew that his possessions were obtained through his favor and connection with the divine, thus deviation would be devastating and destructive.  David reminds himself that all this is being done for God’s name to be exalted and glorified.  Though people may call out the name of David, it apart from God is powerless and purposeless.  This could have helped him avoid some of the corruption that besets many that have absolute power.

We praised God for the moments of rest He provides.  His rest, not just His “Sweet Rest” is the best rest.  It is not just a nap, but a slumber.  It’s a hibernation from the cares of this world, allowing us to awake refreshed and poised to take on the next challenges life delivers.  We find rest in Him!  He is specifically calibrated to give us individual rest.  It could be argued that we all have our own sleep numbers!  We fall into His hands, and are covered with His love, warmed by His grace, tucked in by His mercy, and His arms are luxurious like pastured, made from His own hands.  Long before we need to rest, God has already begun preparations for us to rest.  The place lush and plush, showing us the time God has spent preparing this moment for us, thus we are able to maximize the rest with Him being faithful and obedient to His

Though appreciative of the table, we thought is interesting that God would prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies.  Most of our ideal moment of peace and accomplishment don’t involve our enemies, and most assuredly don’t have a place for them at our table.  Even still, God gives them a spot at the table He set to give us honor for our obedience and dependence on Him.  We recall that Jesus sat with sinners, and more obvious, Judas, who would show himself to be a betrayer of Christ.  Not only did He sit at the table, but he was the recipient of a foot washing, and bore the honor of keeping the money for the ministry, as well as hearing the break down of the truths and hidden mysteries from the Lord.  Furthermore, He went to the cross for Judas, and shed blood for him despite his failure in loyalty. Maybe our enemies are allowed to sit with us to remind us of the victories we have achieved on the journey.  Maybe they are plaques, or milestones, that show us how far we have come, and bare the story of our struggle and pain, that make us appreciate the table even more.  They have made us stronger, and for that, we are to be grateful.  Their reward is to watch us get blessed, and knowing that their greatest efforts failed and keeping you from His promise.

It is good to know that God’s authority comforts us.  He is omnipresent, and omnipotent!  Because of these things, we don’t have to fear evil.  We are aligned with the Lord, and a part from Him, all things are fruitless and powerless.  It is sobering as a servant to know that He both corrects us and protects us, and comforts us at the same time.  He is always making His presence felt, even when we don’t see His hand, or believe He is with us!

Though David began in the field, he concludes that He will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  In this, He shows gratitude, from where he came.  Though he had his own palace, his desire was to dwell in the house of the Lord.  We too must remember that it is the Lord that gives us wealth and blesses us with the talents and ability to earn.  Furthermore, having it all and loosing Him is not His design nor His desire, and neither should it be ours.


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