Counter Culture Session 15 (NPDG)


July 1, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Tuesday, the group gathered to look deeper into the attack of the adversary on our gender, sexuality and foundation.  Not the foundation of our faith, but the foundation of our families, which were designed and organized to give glory to God, and further the message of Love and Sacrifice about Christ!

From the very start, the devil has sought to disrupt our personal relationship with Gtreeknowledgeod and with each other.  He craftily enters into the scenes of our lives via our gates, and convinces us to disobey God, by placing our will and desires ahead of his.  The 3rd chapter of Genesis shows the consistent scheme of the adversary.  He speaks to Eve in verse 2.  More accurately, he engages Eve in a conversation.  This is why we must protect our gates, capture thoughts and bring them under subjection.  The devil only needs dialogue to gain access, and seize control.  How many times have you given him the access to your mind?

We must see our minds like a cockpit to an airplane.  It should be opened only at strategic times, and should never be left unattended.  For we know that an idle mind is the devils playground, thus we must keep ourselves in flight headed towards our destination.  We must receive our flight plans from the Lord, and not allow the devil to hijack us and take us off course.

The devil is aware not just of what God said, but he is aware of what we desire.  He spoke to Eve first about what God spoke, and then deceived her.  We talked about the devils lie to her, assuring her “you surely will not die” and then stating further, “you will be like God”.  He convinced her that the Lord who created her in His image and likeness, and gave her life, didn’t have her best interest in mind.  The one who was willing to share existence, not was holding back from the one he designed to co-exist with Him.  He convinced her that the one that gave her power and authority, now wanted to control and manipulate her existence.  How crafty he is!

Amazingly, Eve, like many of us, took the serpents word!  She didn’t know whether he was telling the truth about, but gave his words more power than she did the Word from God.  And we are still taking his word, as he gets us to open doors and sin against God.  We still allow him influence in our lives, allowing him to peel away our innocence and fix our eyes on things that are not of God and have no benefit to us.  He is still convincing us that  he has our best interest in mind, and that God is holding out on us!  And we fall for it to often!

The devil wants our minds!  He spent a few moments with Eve and not only changed the course of her life, but thousands upon thousands of generations to follow.  His job is to pervert our thinking and to corrupt us, but getting us introduced to things that will separate us from God our father!

Though Adam normally gets a lot of heat, the group was focused on the absence of God during this encounter.  Being as though He is all knowing, why wouldn’t he intervene before the fall?  We looked at this from God’s role as Father.

As a parent, ones job is to prepare, teach, train, empower, protect, guide, and then release.  In each child’s life, there comes a time when we will be required to put into action the things our parents have taught us.  We will face life’s attacks and situations, and must make decisions for ourselves.  God had prepared Adam, and Adam was to prepare Eve, all while knowing that the adversaries job is to prepare for Adam and for Eve.  We must prepare our children like God, talking to them about the dangers of the garden.  Highlighting the things that will bring them harm.  We must stress the importance of keeping their gates closed, knowing that some doors might never be closed.

Though God did his part, as children they were disobedient, and found themselves having to enjoy the fruits of their choice.  Truly their eyes were opened as the serpent said, but their eternal lives would be converted to moral lives.  The would now face eventual death, and would be subject to one another, and have to labor to enjoy the creation that was created to sustain them.  Now, they would have to work to survive!  And they would find themselves now subject to their flesh, feeling an obligation to please it and one another, as opposed to walking with God daily, and living according to the Spirit only.

We must keep the devil out of our minds.  We must press to stay close to and to trust God, leaning to His Word and understanding and not our own.  It was our desire to have His wisdom that ruined our perfect existence.  To return to life and life to the full, we must began the journey towards righteous living.  If our homes are to survive, and generations are to thrive, we must teach them to rely upon Him solely, and lead by example, crucifying the flesh daily, and commit our lives to becoming mighty disciples for Christ!


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    I really love our groups. The Northpointe group of Tomball has been such a blessing. The dialogue and fellowship are fruitful and inspirational. Protecting our minds is A number 1!!!


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