The 4th @ Copper Grove


July 9, 2015 by pastorjdo3

July 4th, the Copper Grove Discipleship took time to enjoy the company of its group members and those invited by our host Sister Kendrick.

The time spent together was valuable.  Members swapping lessons learned in their journey, and also discussing the challenge of living out faith a mist temptation and other believers that are not committed to a life style of righteousness.   Members gathered around the table to discuss prior church experiences, both the good and the bad, in an effort to highlight was should be maintained and what should be stricken from our practices.  Though our “worship is for real”, so to is the hurt and pain experienced by some in our walls.

The food was prepared by the group members, with the highlight of Music Minister Xavier Gilstrap from First Metropolitan Church, who displayed his culinary gift on the grill.  All that partook were satisfied not just in volume, but in taste.


One thought on “The 4th @ Copper Grove

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    The hospitality of Sis. Kendrick is always great. The atmosphere that it sets for the group is great for growth and relationship building. I’m looking forward to this weeks lesson!


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