Took 3 Rounds; But Team 2 Wins!!!!


July 9, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Though Team one gave a valiant effort, Team two, lead by the skills of Brother Lou Jackson had heads and hands raised high in the first Catch Phrase competition. Rendered_box Brother Jackson quick wit and wide range makes him a valuable asset to any team.  His ability made comfort two new comers to the group Sister Wilson and Minister Thomas.  Both new to the game, were able to lean upon the strength of Brother Jackson and team member Sister Tyia to pull through.

Other notable players were Sister Jackson and Sister Ashlee.  Sister Jackson’s competitive nature makes her a force to be reckoned with.  Though on team one, her efforts combined with group host Sister Ashlee, kept team two from running away with the first and third round.  Silent but deadly was Brother Ellis, who’s ability to communicate with one member of team one, gave a boost that team two lacked.  This member, who will remain unnamed, was able to get answers from descriptions that had nothing to do with the item up for guess.  Despite this advantage, Team Two was victorious!!! Though the categories were tough, the participants were often able to pass the module sometimes 5 or 6 times before the counter concluded.

Though teased by an unnamed group member for printing the directions to the game off the internet, and taking 10 minutes to read and explain how to play to the group, members complimented the great job, and considered it well coordinate by Group Leader Ashlee, who’s already in process of planning a swimming outing.  Brother and Sister Ashlee prepared some delicious meat for consumption, as other group members filled in the menu to complete the Family Reunion Style meal.

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One thought on “Took 3 Rounds; But Team 2 Wins!!!!

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    The evening was great. I really enjoy the learning and fellowship we have with one another. Oh, and it was good to be again on the winning team! Go Team 2!!!!


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