Counter Culture; Session 5 (CGDC)

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July 27, 2015 by pastorjdo3

This week, the group dove deeper into Counter Culture by David Platt.  Platt opens the discussion with the responses we tend to have on culture:

1.  Conform

2.  Check Out

3.  Combat

4.  Counter

Paul, our focus for the lesson, was pressed in to counter.  As Platt would have us understand, Paul was not in Combat, because combat only considered the winning of the present battle or argument, and can be disrespectful in that it is not respectful of the culture one is addressing.  What we must do it to counter the culture by first studying it and then from our awareness, we must address it with the truth.  IMG_1064

The group was asked about their tendencies.  Most Check Out!  We tend to live in our own bubbles.  We see the battle waging, but hunker down in bunkers, and just allow the battle to pass by, only concerned for our own safety, emerging in moments where others are fighting and we see easy victories.  This is not our position.  We are to be bold in our stance for the faith, looking for opportunities to speak with wisdom to counter the foolishness of the adversary.

Paul was looking for an opportunity.  Paul addressed the Men of Athens with respect and humility.  He acknowledged their place on their journey towards truth, but revealed truth to them in a way that could be understood.  Paul took their conversations and debates to his advantage, using the window left open that many of us find in our own travels.  This window is the one ingrained in all!  The knowledge that there is a creator!  There is a God!  Paul saw this in the statue marked to an unknown God and used this to close out the search for truth for some, and to give direction towards truth to others.

As a group, we talked about Paul’s addressing of the group and compared our own sharing of the faith to his.  The question was asked, “Do you feel comfortable sharing your faith?  And how do you share your faith and make it relative?”  Too many times, we find ourselves trying to be deep and mysterious, and miss the boat in the harbor that God has docked for us to speak to.  Paul spoke plainly to the group, much like Jesus did when teaching the masses.  We can used the world to reveal God’s character in a way that is so plain that those who have no spiritual sight can see in multiple dimensions.

One of the greatest fears we have a believers is rejection.  It was so comforting to know that Paul, a major pillar of our faith, poured his all into this witnessing opportunity, and was rejected by the majority of those who listened and observed.  We were also encouraged that the word spoken touched a few, and those few placed him in front of a larger group so that ministry could talk place!  Paul walked forward, speaking the name of the Lord whenever opportunity presented itself.  His movement advanced the Kingdom, and built momentum, causing many victories for the faith!

What would happen is we would share with just one?  Could we start the movement of a mountain?  Maybe our sharing can press the Gospel forward at 1 Mile per Hour, and once others join the fight, we can all take our 1 Mile Per Hour, push together and press the 20 Mile Per Hour barrier.  The question we must all ask ourselves is Will I Push or will I be Pushed Over?



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