A Night Under the Stars (NPDG)


July 29, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Though some of the dialogue was about Hollywood Star Bill Cosby, the headline of this blog speaks of the wonderful time had in the Northpointe Subdivision at the home of group members Lisa & Robert.   The Northpointe Discipleship Group enjoyed an evening cooling in the waters of group members Lisa & Robert.

Meeting at the home of Lou and Deana, the group packed up the wagon, and traveled to enjoy the company and hospitality of our members who returned from summer vacation.

The time, well spent, in fellowship was crowned by the pool and Jacuzzi, which served as a relaxing evening after a busy day for all.  The soothing lights and warm waters allowed all to be at ease, and enjoy the conversation and company of others.  Both adults and children splashed and soaked, demonstrating both their swimming ability and their underwater discovery talents, searching for items, and making laps in the pool. pooljacuzzi

The evening was fun for all, featuring great discussion about world events, and even offered parents time to share their own personal experiences and journey of faith in rearing children.  Each gift we found must be nurtured and taken care of, that it might increase in value.  Our handling of God’s gift shows Him our appreciation and how much we value what He has entrusted us with.



One thought on “A Night Under the Stars (NPDG)

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    Always great to hang out with the group! That night was just what the doctor ordered.


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