It’s Hard to Turn a Hoe into a Housewife (Hosea 1:2-5)


July 30, 2015 by pastorjdo3

The message given to me was a follow up to a prior message, in which I heard God calling the Church to pursue righteousness.  Hearing the echo in my own life, I was lead to read the story of Hosea, and was challenged to clean up some areas in my own like. The following message was birthed, “It’s Hard to Turn a Hoe into a Housewife!”

First, we must address the text properly.  The tendency is to immediately identify with Hosea by most  believers, but I felt it necessary to make sure that the hearers understood like I understood while reading the text!  I’m not the Prophet, I’m the Prostitute.  It was important for those in attendance to realize their prior state and even their current state.  God literally pulled  up, rolled down the window, and kidnapped us.  He pulled us from our pimp, punched our clock, and canceled our evening appointments!  God took the pipe from our hand, the bottle from our palm, the taste from our tongue, and the desire fro our heart all in one powerful demonstration of love, restoring value and purpose to that which was lost!  God removed us from the street life, and introduced us to home life, retrained our minds, providing instructions for living, and for prosperity, gave us a bank account, shielding us from check cashing places and pay day loans; introduced us to interest baring accounts, and savings accounts that we might structure our lives to be free from sins grasp!housewife

Knowing this, it was still hard to say aloud, “I’m the Hoe” so i just confessed “I’m a Bad Housewife!”. God has been working on me for years, and I still neglect household duties.  I get caught up watching the soaps, neglecting the kids, forgetting to do the washing.  I have money, but forget send payments through online pay, clothes all over the couch, dinner never ready, and I’m always tired when He wants a little intimacy!  I’m not ready to go when he arrives, still washing up, haven’t picked out my outfit, don’t have on make up, hair still undone!  I’m the one complaining after His hard day at work, doing all the talking and none of the listening, producing a list of chores to do, though my own are yet undone.  What type of housewife are you?  If you will be honest, “You might not confess to being a Hoe, but you make a Bad Housewife!”  Go ahead and confess it!

After ruining the surprise, Hosea became the secondary focus.  I imagined his shock, surprise and disappointment when God spoke to him about his first assignment.  The word “first” haunted me.  The idea that God prepared Him, and that Hosea sat patiently waiting for His assignment, and then God gives him the assignment of assignments.  He finds something important, but something that is detestable.  Here Hosea is a Prophet,God’s servant, who is only as good as the name he has, being told to unite himself in marriage to one of the Communities servants and wears a name of ill repute.

Hosea was glad to be used.  The Word says after the instructions God gave him, “So Hosea married Gomer…”  His answer to God was Yes!  I thought to myself, had this been me, there would be some missing dialogue missing.  Though I would have been obedient, it would not have been with the same immediate response Hosea had.  Many of us miss out on being used by God because we don’t like the assignment God has given us.  We dream of having upper level assignments, positions and titles, and dread the idea of starting at the bottom or in a position of lack.

Upon closer look, he just didn’t marry a prostitute, he married one still practicing prostitution.  It’s important to note that Gomer wasn’t going to change.  God told Hosea that she was going to cheat on him!  He was going to marry a woman who would still walk the streets, and meet the unwholesome desires of the community.  Hosea would have to walk through the community knowing that some of the men he encountered had experience what should be his precious place.  He was destined to share his gift with the world.  This is how we treat the Lord.  He is faithful to us.  He honors His covenant with us.  He works hard for us, protecting us and building us in to the people he desires, and yet, despite having all He gives, we give our love and passion off to the swines!

Worse, Hosea had to knowledge of knowing that she just would not cheat, but that she would conceive!  Hosea wedded Gomer know that she would cheat on him with other men, and has to wrap his mind around having a wife bearing children from other men.  How does one prepare to enter marriage covenant with one would would show no respect for the vows and or the relationship?

Though bothered, God showed me my actions and the actions of millions around the world.  The reality is that we are cheats!  We are continually stepping out on the Lord.  We have relationships with others, and hold others above our own Lord in value and in commitment.  We have hopped from bed to bed, having unprotected encounters with any and everyone, pleasing our flesh highest capacity of needs, only to run home to our husband and asked to be covered.  Many of us conceive in these encounters, and are quick to write God’s names on the Birth Certificate.  We are quick to say, look at what God has blessed me with.  Holding up our latest purchase and acquisition, attributing it to the Lord, and all the while, the Lord knows that the item was conceived outside of His plan for our life.  Then we depend on the Lord to support the devils child, complaining because he won’t offer the support needed to take care of what we have conceived with him. We abuse the kindness of the Lord, dragging our covenant through the muck and mire, depending on grace and mercy to suit our case.

The shame of it all is that Gomer now has a covering.  Without a father or husband to provide for her, one can understand how she ended up in her present set of circumstance.  But the inexcusable action is created once Hosea takes her to be his bride.  He pulls her in; in what should be a restoring, ends up being a continuation of the same.  How is it that we can continue in our hoeish behavior while we are married to the prefect husband? 

I thank God that He is long suffering.  As stated, I have yet to become a good Housewife!  He has not only proposed, but continues to honor His covenant day after day.  We even see Him repurchasing Gomer in Chapter 3, reminding us of the pure foolishness of the Cross!  God literally repurchased what already belonged to Him.  How crazy that the owner of the patent would have to purchase his or her own creation.

We have a choice!  We get to choose!  We can either become “Hosea’s wife” or we can continue to be “Gomer the Prostitute!”  What will you do?  My prayer is that you won’t continue.  Continuing is for those who are luke warm.  They make the name of the Lord an eye sore.  Many of us shame God before mankind, being known as “Hosea’s wife The Prostitute”.


One thought on “It’s Hard to Turn a Hoe into a Housewife (Hosea 1:2-5)

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    Of course I will like this message. I really feel a pulling from the Lord to direct us back towards righteousness. The new “Prosperity Gospel” is to teach Kingdom and Righteousness as the vehicle that brings and opens the doors to abundance. Truly, if we seek first…all will be added.


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