Counter Culture: Session 16 (NPDG)

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August 1, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Tonight, the Northpointe Discipleship Group traveled from the shoreline into the deep.  The topic, Marriage!  Marriage, the foundation of the family, is so key to the spread of the Gospel.  Our families are supposed to be training grounds, points of contact that ensure that our children are formed and shaped in a structure that lead us towards righteousness and a personal relationship with God.

More than ever, the structure of marriage is being challenged by the world.  The world desires to change and to redefine what God has already identified.  Not just for the sake of redefining, but in an effort to take glory away from the Father, and to remove the structure that mirrors the balance of relationship God designed.  Furthermore, its an effort to encourage individuals to make choices for themselves as to their own desires.

One the topic of Marriage, some dialogue developed about the word Submission first.  When looking at submission, the question was asked as to the depth of submission and whether submission meant obedience, and to what extent does obedience extend?  “If a husband says to jump off the bridge, would I be required to jump?”  “YES!”  The answer was met with resistance, but upon a closer look, agreement was found.

First, Christ finds us.  He seeks us out, working through circumstances, both proving His Love, and demonstrating His love by sacrifice and honoring His covenant.  Like Christ, the man also seeks out the woman.  We acknowledged that the Word says a man that finds a wife is a good thing (Prov 18.22).

We further looked into this exchange of addresses.  Far be it for a true father that loves his daughter to exchange her for a dowry to a man that is abusive to her.  The wed of a daughter and son was the uniting of families, not just the exchange of gifts or treasure.  Understanding that the daughter was a treasure, would dictate how much the cost of the dowry, and would further dictate the amount of care the father went through to select the family in which to entrust his daughter too.  Our world is not taking the same care in selection, and is giving over our treasure to someone who sees our treasure as just another purchase, negotiating, looking for the best deal, as opposed to long lasting value, and others are pawning off their value, hoping to find a good fit, or a temporary fit while waiting to be cherished by a true covering.   Knowing this, we can see why the divorce rate is so high.

Like then, a choice must be made.  Though marriages aren’t arranged, there is still an exchange.  Now, a man produces a ring to show forth his love and commitment for the woman that he has chosen to marry.  Though this ring is purchased and produced to the woman, the woman still has to make a choice to take the man to be her husband.  In this, she has chosen who will lead and set the pace for her family.  She has chosen to take a man as her covering and head.  She has set him as the priest in her home, and thus, has placed her self in position to help him and to follow him.  Because of this, the answer is “Yes.”  In the selection process, one must take time before entering covenant, because the covenant agreement sets a standard, rules and boundaries that require each person to serve in a specific manner.

As the man, he must seek one that he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for.  His value of the wife, and desire to see her reach her full potential must be to such a passionate boil, that he is willing to lay down his life for her.  He must constantly wash her with the Word, not just to accomplish His own desires, but that He might aid her in becoming fulfilled in her journey.  He is assigned to partner with her to build a family that mirrors the divine, and to make strong the Kingdom on earth through teaming to manage and direct the course of direction given from her head, who receives it from his covering (God).  He does not marry that which he wan’t to violate, and doesn’t marry her to fulfill his own selfish desires.  He keeps God as the focus, even as she seeks and follows him, submitting to his will, lending her body as not her own, and receiving his body as her possession.  He fights to meet her physical needs, and labors to provide her spiritual needs.  He is the full balance of her joy, keeping her focused on God as they minister to each other to carry out the Fathers will.



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