Special Session: Counter Culture 1 (CGDC)

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August 2, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Monday, the Copper Grove Discipleship Group meet to study session on of Counter Culture by David Platt.  With our focus scripture of Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

Our initial discussion was about the eternal existence of God.  In this passage, we see a reference to time; “In the beginning”.  It was quickly pointed out that this reference was not to God but to the creation of the world.  Time was created by God when he created the world, and designed it with sustaining ability through His power.  From within God, came all things.  He spoke a timeline with each word, giving age and birth with each breath.  God is all powerful.  Filled with potential that is backed by unlimited power.

Not only is He all powerful, but God is wildly creative.  His creativity is unmatched.  Its often imitated, but never matched.  God spoke forth scenes and visions that can only be captured on photographs and paintings.  Mankind can only watch the creations created from the creator and find appreciation in His ability while it explores and seeks to understand how He spoke it all together.  garden

God is so creative, that He doesn’t need a blue print or a patent to create.  He makes us all unique, designing species that have yet to be discovered and individually stitching our bodies and making out our fingerprints as his personal signature to remind us of how creative and how special we are.  While the government struggles to find enough combinations for social security numbers, God in the beginning was able to see trillions of finger prints for the people that would be created throughout the timeline He created.

We are still living out the timeline He spoke!  God’s Word has still not reached is full potential.  It has yet to exhaust all is power and productivity.  Much like the earth, we as humans have yet to exhaust our power and productivity.  He create us with God like ability.  We are thinkers, creators and we sustain that which comes from us.  It’s in our character to create and sustain and to exhaust the full  potential from everything that is produced.

Our God is not a scientist!  He is not studying creation, He is the creator of creation.  He needs no manuscript or operators manual to see how mankind works.  He is the owner of all patents, with exclusive rights to the design, and is the sole determining factor as to what is right or wrong.



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