Vision and Verses (CGDG)

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August 12, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Friday, the Copper Grove Discipleship Group met at Labay Middle School for a night of walking and prayer.  The group, though small in number, was over come with the spirit of fellowship.  labay

Happy to be together once again, the group spent time speaking about God’s Word and vision for their lives.  Pastor Johnny taught the opening thought from the story of David and Goliath, focusing on the frustration David must have felt seeing the Armies of the Lord afraid to fight Goliath!  Pastor Johnny likened the Modern Church to this army, saying that we are not advancing, nor or we fighting, but we are always confronting.  The church has fallen into a state of protecting what it has amassed, and thus has become less likely to fight, or suffer casualties.  This is not the church God desires.

Group members were asked if their ears were bothered when the world was accosting the church and the name of the Lord?  Most have become dull in this, accepting the accosting like the armies of the Lord in the passage, and prayed for the strength to rise up and take a stand for the Lord.

The rest of the evening was spent not walking and praying, but speaking about the vision of The Body Church of Texas.    The first vision casting will be held September 12th.  Details and invitations will be administered in the up and coming days.


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