Counter Culture Session 18 (NPDG)

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August 19, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Today, the group focused on a topic that has gained momentum; Race.  Though it has always been a factor and an undercurrent, it has waivered between lead story and filler article.  As of late, it seems that race has retaken the front page, causing us to look more at the difference in our hews than the likeness of our Spirit.  Though our skin covers us, we must remember that there exist a covering that even covers our skin, counting us all as brother and sister, in the same family in the same Kingdom!

Though many find it important to argue as to the race of Adam and Eve, we find God in Chapter 9 of Genesis starting mankind over through the loins of the family of Noah.   God searched the earth not for a skin color or a specific culture of people, God found one righteous, and shoes this to restart the earth.   God made His covenant with a man who had sought to place Him first, and that would be obedient to His will and directions on the earth.   The image that God was concerned with was holiness not hue.multirace_600

His command to Noah, was the same to Adam!  “Be fruitful and multiply.” (v.1)  We thought it interesting that God would give mankind another chance through man, knowing that man was still flawed and would eventually make mistakes again.  Furthermore, He have man a chance, and didn’t load it with restrictions and or covenant amendments.  God is truly not like man!  He seeks in all things to show His love to us; forgiving, restoring, renewing and honoring His covenant despite our constant short comings.    “God blessed Noah and his sons” (v.1) expanding their territory, moving them from the garden and repositioning them in a new place to have dominion over.

The family of Noah spread about, taking land for themselves, and working the ground to produce and provide for their families.  As they dispersed, they became the clans and nations in which we see today.  Identified more by location than by their family heritage.  It is important to note that they were still family and had much in common.  As they came together to build the Tower of Babel, God chose to divide and scatter mankind abroad by confusing their language.  Notice the division God used to scatter and confuse was language, and not skin hue.  They became a race of people based upon their language and  geography and not their appearance.

God didn’t intend for our complexion to be a source of contention and division, but more to show off the glory and His creativity.  His division of man was to insure that man would remain obedient to His will of dominion of the earth and not become concerned with reaching the heavens and to insure that mankind would not look to its own self and power , but to God to sustain and to guide Him.  God wants to remain our source!



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