Vision 2016: The Body Church Let’s Grow Together!

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September 28, 2015 by pastorjdo3

The Vision Casting Saturday the 26th was a great step toward The Vision of 2016!  (Prezi can be scene here).

The presentation featured not only the casting of the vision for the church, but an outline of the who’s what’s and how’s to achieve the vision set for the Kingdom of God.  I presented the 2016 theme, “Let’s Grow Together!” to those gathered, encouraging believers to join the studies and launch the worship service for personal growth. vision6

The saying “Membership is Discipleship” was spoken into the atmosphere to help set the ground work for the church that will focus on building people.    Attendants were asked 3 Discipleship Questions:

1. Who are you following?
2. Who is following you?
3. Who are you serving?

These questions are key to the discipleship process, ensuring that one is has a mentor to teach them and be accountable to, have someone they are responsible for developing and showing the love of Christ by serving others.

Currently, the church has 2 Bible Study groups that meet each week for study and fellowship.  The 2015 goal is to develop 5 groups to 25 members in an effort to transition the weekly Discipleship Groups into a weekly Corporate Worship Service.

vision3Members and interested attendants can participate in the direction of the 2016 Corporate Worship Service with this survey.  Those interested in leading/hosting one of the new Discipleship Groups can sign up here.

The leadership team is planning two more vision castings.  There will be an additional meeting in Tomball, and a meeting in Cypress.   Subscribe to the Word Press Blog or the newletter.

Johnny Ogletree, III
The Body Church


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