Vision Meeting September 26, 2015

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September 28, 2015 by thebodychurchtx

vision6Saturday, The Body Church of Texas had its first Vision Casting Meeting in the Clubhouse of the Canyon Gate at Northpointe Subdivision.  The meeting cast both the vision for The Body Church and presented information as to the churches approach towards 2016.


Pastor Johnny presented the theme, “Let’s Grow Together!”  The presentation highlighted the need for the church to press towards discipleship, seeking opportunities to serve, while asking oneself 3 questions: 1. Who am I following?  2. Who is following me?  3. Who am I serving?

The Vision Statement was given to the community:

We are many members, connected to utilize our gifts and resources to serve one another and our community as The Body of Christ to give glory and honor to the Father, spreading the message of love and redemption of the Son, empowered by the Holy Spirit to create spiritual and physical change.

The Plan for 2015 includes a goal to develop 5 Discipleship Groups in the Northwest Houston area.   These groups have a target goal of 25 members, and are charged to study God’s Word and the build upon the bond among believers through fellowship activities.  Currently, the church has two active groups, and is looking to start 3 more in an effort to build a core team and a launch team for the 2016 campaign.  vision1

Pastor Johnny presented the worship options for 2016, which can be voted upon online.  Worship can be either 1. Weekly 2. Monthly 3 Quarterly 4. Home Church.  It was made clear that the vote would be a component of the decision made for 2016, taking also into consideration the amount of financial contributions being made to support the need for a facility and worship needs.  “Stewardship will be key in starting a ministry that will survive the test of times like First Met” Pastor Johnny said.

A Prezi of Saturdays presentation can be found here, or by visiting the church website.  The date, time and location of the up and coming Tomball and Cypress Vision Castings will be released soon.


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