Almost Shed a Tear!


September 30, 2015 by pastorjdo3

It’s the little things that cause us to stumble.  Those same little things can make us tremble.  Other times, those little things bring us to tears.  Tonight, I experienced one of those little things.  I was moved by the words and actions that took place before my eyes.

After a competitive game of Pictionary (still a little salty that my team loss), we were immersed into fellowship and wrapping the night up.  As group members prepared to leave, our group leader spoke to get the attention of the group.  Ashlee said, “I want to replace one of our game nights with a service project.  I was thinking we could volunteer somewhere during the holidays.” Link_HelpingOthers

As she waited for responses, I knew she couldn’t see one of the greatest responses in the room; mines.  Inside, I was smiling ear to ear!  It was sweet music to my ears, and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was pleased!  This is it!  The Vision!  The Body!  Working in the community, showing the love of Christ.  Being the hands and feet of the Lord, bringing compassion to those who are need to be touched and or healed.

Though competing against each other is fun, I am sure there will be no greater fun that rolling up our sleeves and serving others.  Surely, the smiles on the faces of those God uses us to touch will long outlast the satisfaction of sending the other team home disappointed from the loss.

The group huddled around the coffee table and bar.  A full out brainstorming session took place.  Before our very eyes, a plan to make an impact was being made.  This too brought a smile.  It wasn’t just that the suggestion was made to the group, but that the group received and affirmed what was in the heart of our group leader, which matched was in the heart of all who heard.  She found out that each member was just as excited about serving others as they are about serving a loss to the other team!

It was truly a great night for the Northpointe Discipleship Group!  We are looking for opportunities to serve in Tomball.  If you are aware of a great opportunity, please email us at



One thought on “Almost Shed a Tear!

  1. We encourage each person to attend our group meetings. God is in the midst of each meeting, leading and guiding His people to His truth and His will for us on earth. November and December are sure to be great months, filled not only with learning but serving. At The Body Church, Membership is Discipleship! Let’s Grow Together!


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