Team 2 Pulls off the Upset!

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September 30, 2015 by pastorjdo3

The Northpointe Discipleship Group resumed with a bang!  Fresh from the Vision Casting, the group reconvened with a competitive round of Pictionary.  Though there was no need for a tie breaker, Team 1 gave a valiant effort, though not acknowledged by Team 2 group leader who deemed the game a “Skunk!”


Sister Golden; Word “Choke”

Though Team 1 was stacked with the “Stars of Game Night”, Team 2 stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge.  From the very start, Team 2 selected the most challenging words and put forth a mammoth effort to obtain points.

One of the momentum builder of the night was a drawing by Sister Golden which served as a confidence builder and game changer.  Her drawing of the word “Choke” (pictured) brought the entire team to their feet!

Her performance was inspirational to the team, who settled down and began to solve presentation after presentation.  Her drawing gave the team the lead, and led to the Dry Erase Marker Dropping performance of Brother Will.

image1 (2)

Brother Will; “Stretch Marks”

Will, with a chance to close out Team 1, drew his rendition of “Stretch Marks” (pictured).  Though there was a discussion about the place of the stretch marks he had drawn, the picture word was so clear that he was able to walk away leaving Team 1 with a loss!


Sister Jackson; “Lip Read”

Team one gave a solid performance.  Notable images drawn by its two super stars.  Sister Jackson brought the team close with “Lip Read” (pictured).  The performance kept the team filled with life.

One member of Team 1, who chose to remain nameless, thought it interesting that the stars seemed distracted by the cuteness of a child that was of a member of team 2.  Her smile and loving grip on the legs of her grandparents, “could have served as a challenge that lead to Tuesdays loss; I’m just saying!”

Another effort to bring the team close was Brother Jackson, who chose to draw “Swan Song” (pictured).  Though his swan was close to perfect, along with the musical note and mouth, the genius of his efforts were quickly wiped away by the performance of group lead Ashlee, who was quick to move the group on to the inevitable finish.image1 (1)




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