Believe & Roll up the Sleeves! (CGDC)

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October 5, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Friday, the Copper Grove Group returned to study, digging into the Genesis 26th passage.   The passage highlights the transitions and travels of Isaac after the death of his mother, father, newly married and facing a famine.   sleeves3

First we highlighted the fact he was blessed and facing a famine.  Even more direct, his father too was blessed and facing famine.  As a believer, we will have to all face life’s challenges.  There will be times when adversity is the order of the day, and solutions feel far and between.  Struggle will be our story, but death won’t be our testimony.  Like his father, he had 1. Seed 2. Sovereign Lord.  Isaac sowed and reaped a harvest of 100 fold in the midst of famine, causing those around him to become jealous of him.  As believers, we too have the covenant of Abraham, and are able to be strategic and to plant with the knowledge that God will bless what ever we are willing to release unto Him.  Planting the seed was a statement of faith in the Lord of the Harvest, and not the ability of Isaac nor his team or the soil.  We must have the same faith!

Next we looked at the vindictive nature of the Philistines.  It is interesting we discussed that they filled the wells during the time of Abraham and Isaac to stop them from prospering.  Though the well could have benefited their crops and helped them survive the famine, their jealousy and hatred for what God had done through them both caused them to act without fully thinking.  Anger and Jealousy are emotions that can make us act irrationally in the moment, hurting ourselves in the process of trying to inflict pain on others.

We continued to search, and looked at the Wells encounters.  Isaac and crew dug up his fathers wells, restoring their names.  Isaac and crew continued to dig and found fresh water in an area, only to be confronted by inhabitants of the area who then laid claim to the well.  He left the well, and proceeded to dig another well, which need to another dispute, causing him to move on and abandon a second location that contained the water he needed to provide and to prosper.  His last stop produced another well, which resulted in no arguments and fighting, so he claimed it to be the space where God would prosper them.

Isaac had the right to claim and to prosper from the wells he dug.  They had worked hard, placing sweat and effort into land that was suffering from a famine.  Their animals were in need, there people were in need, their crops would need water to grow, and yet he was willing to walk away and not benefit from the fruits of his labor.

Many of us would have continued in argument over the well, finding ourselves stress over hostile situations, as opposed to trusting God and seeking for peace.  The question was asked of the group, “what wells do you need to leave?”  Could it be that many of us miss our open space arguing over wells?  Could it be that our peace and happiness is never achieved because we remain postured in hostility with those God is using to press us into our Open Space?

We looked at the amount of work that Isaac put in, after reading the words of God, “I am with you and will bless you” V. 23  Find it not a true or inaccurate that Isaac, operating under the covenant and blessing of the Lord, still had to work hard!  If you want to experience prosperity, you will have to dig some wells!  You might dig wells that prosper others until God gives you a well of your own.  You will have to roll up your sleeves, and believe!  Isaac continued rolling up his sleeves, digging and un-digging well after well, knowing that God was with him, and that He would prosper him.  He knew that God will bless the fruit of his hands, and that he would be rewarded for acting in faith!  When you believe, you can plant a seed during a famine, work the field, and know God will provide provision for today, and for your tomorrow!



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