Prospering In Peace, Safety First

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October 13, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Tuesday, the Tomball Group broke from the Counter Culture study to study the 26th chapter of Genesis.  In it, the group looked at the circumstances of Isaac and his family.  They found themselves heirs to the promise, having Gods favor, but having to endure a famine.

Favored, we found does not keep one from experiencing famine, rather it allows one to prosper through faith during the famine.  Lack is a direct result of how one applies their faith during periods of shortage. The lack is a result of a lack of understanding, that of the seeds power, and the Lords promise.   In the promise is provision, so famine provides an opportunity to experience covenant.

 Prosperity brings jealousy. Isaac wealth grew 100 times what he planted. His crop and cattle multiplied because God blessed Him.  It’s possible that he was doing the same process as others, but others were not in covenant with The Divine.   We discover the power of being favored by God.   While others are working and depending on their knowledge and skill, the one who is favored uses skill but understands growth is determined by the favor directly drawn from the covenant relationship they have.   God showed Isaac from one crop what was possible, making him the envy of all looking on.

Now the test!  The jealous neighbors but dirt in the wells and force him to move to another spot.  They were afraid of his power and feared him gaining too much influence, believing that the wells were the secret to prosperity, they were wrong!  Isaac moved to another spot, dug up wells, one described as flowing with fresh spring water. After the hard work, the people of Gerar position themselves not to use the wells to bring them through the famine, merely just to keep Isaac from prospering.

The first well brought arguments, and the second brought about hostility.  But they were good wells, that would help him sustain the blessing and further multiply what he had been given.  The wells the results of his hard work. His team had shed tears and sweat, risking injury and harm to dig these wells, and yet, people have laid false claim to his well.  While many of agreed that we would fight for what we believe is ours,  Isaac was flowing the Lords lead.  Isaac walked away from the first and second well. Isaac wanted to live I leave with his neighbors, even at the expense of his crops,  and the rest and workers.  Isaac packed up the family and moved further down.  Though most agreed that the second well would be hard to leave, group member Brother Lou provided great insight. His thought, as a husband and father, it’s easier to move a family out of harms way.  When leading your family, we all search for a place to set up roots that will not only be prosperous, but peaceful.

What would it be like to have your own Open Space?”  After a few responses, the group was asked, “What would it be like to have an Open Space with God?”  Many of settle for what has already been built.  We find comfort in working in or taking over something that is already proven an established.  We fear putting in the hard work and facing the disappointment’s that might accompany starting from scratch, but not Isaac.  God took him to a new space, one in which he would not only prosper him, but would build his faith and personal relationship with the Lord.  It would be similar, but unique.

It was presented to the group that the blessing was on Isaac. He could have moved and dug a well anywhere, and they would have all found water. Being blessed doesn’t prevent you from working, just guarantees that the harvest will settle needs of the group.  It’s not about equal well, equal land, equal crop, equal possessions, it’s bout the provision from the relationships in covenant. We must trust God enough to provide and to plan our seed, but must remember that with God, seeds are all weather. The only bad weather is whether He said to plant or to save.

Brother Ellis closed the lesson encouraging all the believers not to take  the famine personally.  He believes that God has us go through to set an example and or to teach those who lack and are weak in the faith.  God used the calamity to teach Joshua’s clan as well as the people of Gerar to show who He has, to the people.



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