Counter Culture Session 6 (CGDG)

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October 22, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Friday, the Copper Grove Group returned to Counter Culture to discuss wealth.  David Platt introduces the reader to Wealth from a different perspective.  While most look at wealth for the personal benefits, Platt searches the word to display to the audience how God provides and why God provides us with wealth.  One reason is to share it with others.

Plat begins with a powerful scripture that set the backdrop for our discussion.  God informs His people that He is the God of gods!  The Lord of all.  The provider and the protector of all creation.  He insures His people that all of creations stems from the creator, irregardless of whether they are the people He has chosen to favor and enter into covenant with. banner

God emphasizes His power and ownership by calling Himself Great, Powerful and Mighty, and then highlights His impeccable character by sharing with the reader that He “shows no partiality and cannot be bribed.  Truly, God is not like man!  This important because being great, powerful and mighty could lean towards corruption, but out God remains unchanged and unaffected by power, because it is what He is.  He is power, and thus is not obtaining or loosing, but exist as powerful.  He is not learning how to handle power, learning how to administer power, learning how to maintain power!  God is powerful!  He is so powerful, that He is able to share power.  As a source, He distributes power like a power plant, empowering all connected to Him, and even those who have yet to acknowledge Him.  He distributes not in accordance to what is deserved, but according to what He deems is best for all of man kind, and not just for an individual.

God can not be fooled!  He knows our heart, and understands our motives and actions.  Thus, we can not manipulate God with money and perishables.  God is moved only by our relationships with Him and the love that is shared and distributed among those who remain in covenant agreement with Him. God ensures that the orphans and widows are a recipient of justice.  They are creations that lack a physical covering and protection, but He provides for them.  How?  Most often through us!  God needs us to participate in carrying out His desires on earth.   We must understand that we are the hands and feet of God.  We are carriers of His provision and His love, and partners in showing the world His grace and mercy.  He distributes wealth to us, then gives us opportunities to give it to those who are in need.  He supplies His favor to those who partner with Him to build His Kingdom, giving His resources and direction to all who claim Him as father.

Though He has favored some, He reminds us in verse 18 that “He shows love to the foreigners living among you…”  God chooses to show love to the foreigners.  Not because foreigners deserve His love, but because they are His creation.  All living things are the recipient of His provision, thus the rain blesses all not just a few, and the drought takes from all not just a household or two.  God is love, and displays it to all much like the sun offers heat to those who stand beneath it, though all reap not the full benefits of it, choosing to cover themselves to keep the sun from making and impact or changing their circumstances. God continues, saying that His love is on display and then He also “…gives them food and clothing.”

God then instruct the people to be like Him!  He says, “So you, too, must show love to foreigners, for you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.”  In God’s own words!  He instructs us to imitate Him!  He leads by example, showing how He extends love and provision to those who have yet to come into covenant agreement with Him, and then holds up His example as the standard.  Neighbors are not those who are deserving of our love, but are those God places within our grasp to show the love He shows to us to win the one.

This point was the brought about great discussion.  As Americans, much talk has been about our the perspective many in our country have about foreigners/immigrants.  There are many that would choose not only to export or restrict people from entering our boarders, but also not to show love and kindness to, choosing to protect our personal interest and pursuits of wealth, and denying others the opportunity being afforded to us.  God reminds the people, “You were once foreigners…”  You moved in and prospered in a land that was prepared for you, and allowed you to use your gifts and talents to prosper.  We didn’t create North America, we just claimed and named a portion of the continent!  God set aside the land for the children of Israel, an inhabited land that was flowing with milk and honey long before they arrived.  Their prosperity was because God has ordained it, not because they were deserving, but because they too were seeking not just freedom, but freedom to worship the Lord their God!

God says, “So you, too, must.”  This is not a suggestion!  This is a direction from the Lord to mirror His kindness and desire to see justice for all.  God said in the 17th verse, that He “shows no partiality.”  God chose to sustain creation, even outside of His covenant agreement with Israel.    We find it to be that God states that He is no respecter of person, but we celebrate as His children that He is a respecter of covenant!



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