Single Parents Holiday Support Update

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November 13, 2015 by thebodychurchtx

It is go time!  Matthew 25:35 is underway and the time for execution has arrived.  We have received from our Discipleship Groups, 6 Non Discipleship Group Members who are willing to volunteer their time helping us both Pack and Deliver Groceries to the families.  Praise God for those and the many others He will send to help us serve His people!

As mentioned, our time line looks as such:

Nov  16th       17th          18th               19th                20th                   21st


(                       Shopping                       )         (Packing)             (Delivery)

Next week, the Shopping team will hit the stores.  They will be shopping for the items listed, as we sort through what has been collected and communicating what is still needed.  After shopping, the team will bring the items to the home of Lou & Deanna Jackson.  (Team Lead: Sister A. Davis)

From here, the Packing team will sort the items and then package them.  An assembly line is planned to keep things orderly and to make sure things run smoothly.   (Team Lead: Brother L. Jackson)

Last, the Delivery Team will transport the items to the facility for the families (Brother E. Sellars).

For those shopping for items, our needs are:

Boxes to families should include 1 Box of Cereal, 2 Boxes of Macaroni & Cheese, 5 Packets of Instant Oatmeal, 1 Jar of Peanut Butter, 1 Jar of Jelly, 1 Loaf of Bread, 1 Box of Crackers, 1 Can of Soup, 1 Can of Chili and 2 Cans of Tuna.  

If you would like to sponsor a family or two, these are the tentative contents of our boxes.   For those looking for share the link with friends and family, our Go Fund Me Link is:

If you have any questions, please reply herePastor Johnny will email out the coordination dates and locations for the Shopping, Packing & Delivery Sunday Evening with our next email communication.

The Body Church


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