God Exceeded / Goal Exceeded


November 16, 2015 by thebodychurchtx

There are many good things that come with age.  This morning, I glanced at my phone to check my emails, and saw a message from God to Meeting.  The message read, “Goal Exceeded!”.  I smiled because my eyes had combined the “a” and the “l” of “Goal” and I read, “God Exceeded!”

As of Sunday evening, our goal was exceeded by two Missionaries!  The first contributed $50, bringing the total to $125, and the second contributed $375 to bring the total to $500!  Fund500WordPressThis, not to mention the contribution of other via the square, bringing the total for Matthew 25:35 $650. 

It was yesterday, that the question was asked, “Do we shop with what we have collected or do we shop with what we projected?”  The answer, “Let’s feed the people!”

For the faith exhibited, I believe God sent the message, “God Exceeded!”  Let’s continue serving the people!  God will provide as long as we continue to put others needs before Him, and remain willing to take that which he breaks and blesses and distributes to His people!

Let’s Feed the People!




One thought on “God Exceeded / Goal Exceeded

  1. Dr. Q says:

    God truly is amazing. I was at work when I got the news. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud! God will provide! I am in agreement! Let’s Feed the People!


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