Matthew 25:35 Complete


November 26, 2015 by pastorjdo3

12232942_769058909869997_6345519774653250536_oI am still tying to put into words the feeling of finishing Matthew 25:35.

The project showed what can be done when we all take a small portion of our resources and place them in the hands of The Lord. Much like the boy with the Fish and Loaves, what would have cost most of us an upscale lunch or a dinner with our family, was able to feed 35 families when combined with the sacrifice of others. God used our effort of love and divided what was collected place into individual bags, and much like the miracle, we had items left over. The question “do we have enough?” I thought, should never be a question, unless we are asking ourselves, “Do we have enough faith?” Not only did we have enough; we had more than enough! Our church in its infancy was able in faith to carry out The Lords’ mission. It made me marvel not just at this project, but about the visions and dreams placed on my heart for the future.

Seeing the children lined up first, not to get food, but to assist us carrying 12232743_769377199838168_11547260674117172_othe food in doors was overwhelming. They watched as we packed the final items given from our sister church, First Met Church, in the bags, and could not wait to taste the treats, and deliver to their parents the food delivered. They were not just excited, but were appreciative of the love shown. They stood in line, being sent one by one to take a bag home to their family. All not having to be coached to be grateful, could not wait to express their thanks. Though we physically heard their thanks, I smile knowing that God heard their thanks too.

matthewc4As I looked through the pictures (Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr @ TheBodyChurchTX) this morning, I remember most the fun we had while serving others. When doing the will of The Lord, we find ourselves like Jesus with the woman at the well. Though He had yet to eat, He was full and fulfilled by doing God’s will. Meeting the needs of others will always be more satisfying than pleasing our flesh or meeting our own personal needs. I pray that we will all look back and capture these moments from the pictures, and that these moments will help us press forward to do even more and greater things for the King!

I am looking forward to December! Keep the Faith! Make the Sacrifice! Live the Life of a Servant! Be a Disciple!matthewc2

Johnny Ogletree, III
The Body Church
Membership is Discipleship!


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