Adopt a Family


December 1, 2015 by thebodychurchtx

This month, The Body Church of Texas, continues its mission to “…utilize our gifts and resources to serve one another and our community…”.  We have targeted 5 families, whom have experienced tragedy and loss during 2015, some of who have continued in struggle since 2014.  AdoptaFamily

It is our desire to redirect both a portion of our physical and financial resources to help members of our community find some joy during the holidays.  We are in the process of collecting a list of needs from each family that will be shared with The Body and with the community, to enable all to participate in providing both love ad relief to these families.

Our timeline for the month is:
1.  Collection (December 1st to December 12)
2.  Shopping (December 13 to December 14)
3.  Packing (December 15-18)
4.  Delivery (December 19th)

As The Body, we will work in each phase of this mission.  You are invited to work alongside us as we serve each family.   You can contact us at or for more information on how you can volunteer.   To make contributions, the donation link is .


The Body Church of Texas


One thought on “Adopt a Family

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    Please help us show the love of Christ this season! We are working hard to insure a few families that have experienced hardship this year and last know that God loves them.


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