The List: Adopt-A-Family

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December 15, 2015 by thebodychurchtx

It has come to our attention that many want to participate by purchasing an item to share with the families we have adopted.    On the list,  you will find that each item has been purchased to help make the holiday merrier.  If led, you can purchase an item to help with holiday cheer.  Our delivery date is Saturday, December 19th.  We will be packing the items to deliver to the families on Thursday, December 17th.   Items purchased can be delivered to Pastor Johnny at our sister church First Metropolitan Church before Friday.  Items purchased should be wrapped with description and ready to bring a smile.

Adopt-A-Family December ‘15
List of Needs

Family One:

11 Year Old Twin Girls:
Sister 1. Size 10-12 (Need for Coats and Clothes)
Sister 2. Size 14-16 (Need for Coats and Clothes)
Description: One likes Hello Kitty & Arts Stuff, other likes
Shopkins toys and Art Stuff.


Family Two:

14 Year Old Girl
Sister 1. Size 10 Shoes, 14 Pants, Large Blouses, 14 Dress
12 Year Old Boy
Brother 1. Size 8 Shoes, 16 Pants, Large Shirts
4 Year Old Boy
Brother 2. Size 11/12 shoes, 6/7 Pants, 6/7 Shirt
17 Month Old Boy
Brother 3 Sizes not listed. 1 ½ years old.
Description: Tablets, MP3 Players, Remote Control Cars,
Scooters, Pogo Sticks, Drones.


Family Three: 
7 Year Old Boy
Brother 1. Large Shirts, 8 Pants, Shoes 4
4 Year Old Boy
Brother 2. Shirt 6. Pants 6, Shoes 12
19 Month Old Girl
Sister 1. 18 -36 Month, Shoes 6
Description: Oldest Boy anything WWE or Marvel Characters,
Brother 2 loves Frozen or Doc Mc Stuffins
Sister 1 Loves Dr. Mr Stuffins & Babies.

Family Four:
22 Year Old Girl
Sister 1  Medium Shirt, 10 Women’s Shoes
17 Year Old Girl
Sister 2   Medium Shirt, 8.5 Women’s Shoes
13 Year Old Boys
Brother 1  Large Shirt, 9 in Men’s Shoes
Baby- Male 10 months
One Year Old Clothes and he grows fast so try sizes up

Family Five:
5 1/2 Year Old Girl
Sister 1:  Clothes Size 6 Tops/Bottoms  11 Shoe Size
7 1/2  Year Old Girl
Sister 2:  Clothes Size 8 Tops/Bottoms Shoes Size 1
Description:  Shopkins, Girl Legos, Girls Nerf, DVDs (kids
movies), board games (age appropriate) Favorite
colors: pink & purple

To coordinate dropping of items, email Pastor Johnny or reply here.


The Body Church of Texas



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