Phase 3; Done!

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December 20, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Thursday, The Body Church (TBCT) members gathered to move one step close to completion of its second mission, Adopt-A-Family.

The Adopt-A-Family mission is the meeting of Christmas needs and desires of 5 selected families from TBCT Members.  After Thanksgiving, members were asked to look and listen with compassion, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal families that were to be our december assignment.

12374969_780682252040996_8855916600177483462_oThe church, built on service, continued in its purpose to “..utilize our gifts and resources to serve one another and our community…”  The group gathered together at the Northpointe Discipleship Group Leaders home to Pack and Party.  The leadership perused the list, organizing all items first according to family, and then according to family member.   After, the groups divided into teams to wrap gifts for the families.

The effort was festive, but focused, as each member took time to wrap each gift.  With the help of a former JC Penny’s wrapping speacialst, the tables worked with confidence, knowing that each package would not only reflect care, but would look professional.

Group members worked diligently, playing first name that tune, and then singing along to the sounds of Brother Jackson, who fielded request for the wrapping crew, keeping the mood festive as they sang along and attended to their separate assignments.

The group took over the entire first floor, using each space to wrap and organize, stopping only to party and enjoy the different potluck meals brought to the meeting.

Upon concluding the wrapping portion, members competed the details of Phase 4.  Families are due to receive their gifts between Saturday and Wednesday 23rd.


To assist with the Adopt-A-Family effort, contribute at .










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