Phase 4; Family 2

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December 28, 2015 by pastorjdo3


Sister Osborne getting Family 2’s gifts from Pastor Johnny

Execution of Phase 4 has proven difficult for The Body Church (TBCT). With the Christmas season upon us, arranging to deliver presence and even putting presence in the hands Delivery team proved to be challenging. In Phase 4, each selecting family, would take the gifts wrapped by the Packing/Wrapping Team, to the family they recommended for Adopt-A-Family. One by one, connections were made, in parking lots and homes, as God pulled together the effort to ensure that all but one family received their gifts before Christmas Day.

image1 (3)Part of the fun of serving people is working with others.  In our first two missions, we have been blessed to work with amazing people that have great hearts!  One such is Sister Osborne.   A great mother and wife, with her own family story, contacted us about a family she felt compassionate about helping.  Putting personal needs and circumstances aside, she worked hard keeping up with the family, securing their needs, and making sure the gifts gathered for them were delivered.

image1 (4)

Family 2 Receiving gifts from Sister Osborne

She was eager to share God’s love with Family 2; a hard working family whos economic circumstances have become constricting.  As seen, the family displayed their visible thanks with hugs of gratitude to Sister Osborne.  The mother thanked Sister Osborne not only for the gifts, but for listening to her needs and desiring to help her family.  It is amazing how many verbalized needs are ignored for the peace and tranquility of our own circumstances.

As we continue in faith, let us all be reminded of the mission of our Lord, and the example He set for us by meeting the needs of people.  May we all be as sensitive to the needs of others as the Lord is to us, following His example of making disciples through serving others with our gifts and resources.



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