Phase 4; Family 4

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December 28, 2015 by pastorjdo3

Execution of Phase 4 has proven difficult for The Body Church (TBCT).  With the Christmas season upon us, arranging to deliver presence and even putting presence in the hands Delivery team proved to be challenging.  In Phase 4, each selecting family, would take the gifts wrapped by the Packing/Wrapping Team, to the family they recommended for Adopt-A-Family.  One by one, connections were made, in parking lots and homes,  as God pulled together the effort to ensure that all but one family received their gifts before Christmas Day.


Sister Davis & Dr. Q. with gift for Family 4

Sister Davis, recommender of Family 4 was excited about the exchange.  Getting the gifts in the LA Fitness parking lot, she discussed the needs of the family as well as the genuine love and concern she had for the families well being.

She recalls of the delivery, ”


Camryn delivering some packages to Family 4

“They were very grateful!”  Currently, the family is living in an extended stay motel, “…with one room for 5 of them” she explained.  Her heart broke as she heard of their continued need, wishing that she could do more to help (Mom’s car recently broke down).  “Our gift was a big help” she recalled from listening with the mother.  As we listen with eyes and ears of compassion, we continue to discover needs from our community.

At First Met Church, it was always said by our First Lady, “We are blessed to be a blessing!”  At the Body Church, we continue living out this creed, recognizing that God uses us as channels to bless each other not just via our service, but via our resources.  When we all join together, our combined sacrifices can change the course of a family both physically and spiritually.  Our desire is to “…create physical and spiritual change…” (mission) by being the hands and feet of God on the earth.


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