Phase 4; Family 3

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December 30, 2015 by pastorjdo3

With Family 3, we found one of our most important responsibilities; Obey God!  While many talk to God, and others listen to God, the number of people that actually Obey God continues to diminish.  pickerimage When our Discipleship Group Member contacted this head of family, she said it was an answer to her prayers.

Sister Ashlee recalls her saying, “I was sitting here at my desk asking God how I was going to do something for my children for Christmas!”  As a hard working single mother of 3 children, life has a way of presenting circumstances that prevent us from doing extra, the little things that become to spices of life that keep day to day from being bland, adding to it joys supported by grace and kindness.  2015122095183934As woman of God, she prayed about her circumstances, and was poised to leave it with God and to finish her work day strong, when the phone rang!

The answered prayer!  There is nothing like the answered prayer!  It’s the ultimate comfort and confidence builder not just in who God is, but in who we are in God.  Thee is nothing like knowing that He has heard your cry, and that He has taken action on your request.  Our God, is filled with compassion, and is sensitive to our needs.  Truly when we release, God allows us to see the work of His hands.  He is always working on our behalf, even during the toughest of times.

We are grateful that our sister not only listened to God, but listened to her friend and sought a way to help!


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