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February 1, 2016 by thebodychurchtx

The year 2016 have gotten off to a great start!

Thank you for participating in the survey regarding a desired church worship service time. The campaign results show 42% find the 10:00 AM and 25% chose Saturday at 7:00 PM worship service times to be the most convenient to their weekend schedule for corporate worship.worshipvoterschart

We are still working on solidifying a location to host a corporate worship service. If you find a location, please share it with us that we might follow up with the site contact.

We have two leaders, Sister Daniels and Sister Davis working on our next mission efforts. Sister Daniels has a hold on May 7, at Loaves and Fishes. This mission would extend from the hours of 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Our church would serve food for approximately 200 to 300 homeless people in the downtown area.

                                                Project Overview & Estimates

600 Wieners, (2 Per person), 600 hot dog buns, and individual bags of potato chips.
The Loaves and Fishes ministry will provide dessert and drinks.

Project Teams:

Shopping Team: The shopping team will be responsible for pricing out the items for the project, providing report on said estimates, and shopping for the resources.

Cooking Team: The cooking team will be responsible for transporting the purchased items from the Shopping Team and for food preparations on the Loaves & Fishes site.

Serving Team: The Serving Team will distribute the prepared food to each patron at Loaves & Fishes.

Clean-Up Team: The Clean-Up Team will focus on restoring the facility to its prior condition after the mission effort.

Donations                                                                                  Shopping    Mission Effort
February 1st                                                                                 May 5th       May 7th

Please check your calendar, as we would like to solidify the May 7th effort and launch our timeline and structure our teams for efficiency and success.

The Body Church


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