When I Get to Heaven….

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February 8, 2016 by pastorjdo3

The latest study of The Body Church is “Who is God?” by Francis Chan.  The study, simple, but profound starts with a dialogue we have heard, if not participated in.  The question, “What are you going to ask God when you get to heaven?”

When posed, the question draws a variety of answers.  Chan found it amazing that many people felt worthy to not only ask God a question, but that many believed they would be able to look Him in the face, eye to eye even.  The holy one, the judge, the righteous one, the perfect one in the room with us, imagine that!

It is amazing that many feel it more challenging to meet their favorite celebrity, than the King of King and Lord of Lords.  It to me is also amazing that many admit that they would be awestruck and speechless if they were able to meet their favorite celebrity, but feel they would have full dialogue with the Creator of the World.  Never mind that He is the Creator, but also the Judge!  In our court systems, the local judge who only has power over your existence on earth, verbally garners more respect that the Judge of all Mankind.  The one who determines ones eternal existence is spoken of as though He is on the same level as the local Barber Shop owner.

The Bible says that every knee shall bow, and that every tongue shall confess.  It continues that we will all spend eternity in praise and worship singing hallelujah to the perfect lamb and champion.

All this to say, When I Get to Heaven, I will be happy just to get in!  What an privileged it will be exist with the King of king and Lord or lords.   Looking at my life, I would be in a corner quiet as a little mouse, hoping not to be confronted further; that He might change His mind on my entrance!  To be in His presence, let alone bask in His presence will be a honor beyond any earthly perk or benefit experience or desired.  Above any trophy, more important than any title, credit or accolade is the entrance into the Heavenly Kingdom of God.   He owes no explanation, as He is just, merciful, truth, and God!  We are fortunate that He honors His Word, and keeps His covenant with filthy retches like us!




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