Lessons from Patmos (Rev. 1:9)

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February 19, 2016 by pastorjdo3

Our study of Fear God by Francis Chan brings us to a powerful text in Revelations.  The 1st chapter records in verses 9 to Verse 17, a powerful encounter of the Apostle John and the Risen Lord.

We start first with a description of Johns state and actions.  He recalls,

I  John, your brother and partner in the tribulation,
kingdom, and endurance that are in Jesus, was on
the island of Patmos because of God’s word and the
testimony about Jesus.”  V. 9

Our first moments were filled with conviction, as we hear John share his state of exile and imprisonment on the Island of Patmos, not for crime or for sin, but because he chose to 1.  Share God’s Word and 2.  Share his testimony.   True disciples of Christ will find themselves doing one or the other and often both.  In these last days, we need more believers like John, willing to risk freedom and comforts for the sake of seeing the Gospel spread and people saved.  How powerful it is that John risked being imprisoned to free others from imprisonment.  He decided that being free, quiet, and tranquil were not options as long as there were people who had yet to hear the Gospel, and those who could benefit from his testimony.

Too often, many of us swallow our whistles!  We know wrong, witness scenes and unrighteous acts, but choose to keep our comforts and modern conveniences at the expense of another’s suffering.  Like Christ, John couldn’t collect a tributes from the local bodies and supporters and add onto his personal dwelling, while people suffered in sin, and suffocated due to strongholds.  Like fire was too shut up in his bones, he declared God’s Word wherever he could find a open ear and preached until he penetrated willing hearts.

How different things would be if we too would risk Patmos.  What a generation of believers we could build if each of us considered the life of the next worth the risk.  Let’s share in the suffering of Christ by considering others before we conclude that comforts are more valuable than God’s creation.



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