Loaves & Fishes Update 2.22.16

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February 22, 2016 by thebodychurchtx

The Loaves & Fishes effort continues to pick up steam.  We are grateful for each of you that has signed up to serve those in need downtown.

The Food Service team still requires ONE slot to be filled by the 7th.  This team will be the front line of the effort, working hand in hand with the kitchen, and serving the patrons with Christlike diligence and love.  The meal served will be Hot Dogs and Chips (provided by The Body Church) along with Drinks and Dessert (provided by the Loaves & Fishes Ministry).  There is still is still time to sign up to bring joy to those in need.  Click here to reserve your spot and mark your calendar.



The Food Preparation Team too lacks ONE volunteer.  The Preparation Team will be responsible for working hand and hand with the staff of Loaves and Fishes.  The meal will be prepared in the Loaves & Fishes kitchen, over seen by their staff and ministry technicians.  Click the here to reserve your spot on the team to display love to those in need.

The Transportation ministry will coordinate the effort to transport the volunteers that need transportation to the Loaves & Fishes site.  The group will travel in the newly acquired 15 passenger van (donated from The Golden Chain Church in Dallas, TX).    To reserve a seat on the van, contact the ministry transportation coordinator at

The Shopping Team is still looking for two volunteers.  The team will coordinate the shopping effort for the mission trip, insuring that the needed resources will match the needs.  To participate, please click here to sign up.

We are still in need of donations to fund the Loaves and Fishes effort.  The effort is estimated to cost $450.00.  This will provide 1 bag of chips, 2 Hot Dogs (with buns) and IMG_3114condiments to each patron.  To contribute, click here.




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