Lessons from Patmos (Rev. 1:10)

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February 25, 2016 by pastorjdo3

The heart of our lesson from Revelations 1 came from Verse 10, which I believe is packed with simple and important clues.

I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day,
and I heard a loud voice behinds me
like a trumpet. Revelations 1:10

This powerful statement from John yields us with some powerful imagery that captures a necessary truth for believers.  John says, while he was on Patmos, in exile, in prison, He still honored God’s day for worship.  While today, we are caught bickering over whether it is Saturday or Sunday, John says it was the Lord’s day, so we addressed it as such.  Even in his state and set of circumstances, John gave not an hour, not 30 minutes, not the morning, and not the evening; but the day!  Logo

What would our relationship with God be like if we set aside a day (pick one) to worship and adore Him?  In this speed dating culture, we seem to think intimacy can be created in a few moments with a few words and a couple of glowing glances.  We exchange text with the Lord, and are frustrated when He wants to see a movie, grab dinner, walk in the park, sit on the porch before hitting the sack.  Our relationships with the Lord are stunted in that we have accepted a covenant without out a full understanding of the terms.  But John, fully knowledgeable, finds himself still spending time with the Lord in an exile state.

Next, John says, he wasn’t just worshiping on the Lord’s day, he was in the Spirit.  He refers to His state of being while in worship of the Lord as being one where the cares and constraints of the flesh were not a hindrance or boundary.   He was living out what it means to “worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.” John 4:24.  Prior to Christ, the worship of the Lord was relative to a specific place and a specific time.  Jesus speaks with the woman at the well and informs her that the time had arrived for the place of worship not to be the focus, but the heart and spiritual position of the person to be the key factor.  Thousands may pile into temples, making sacrifices, but the ones that God sees are the ones whose hearts are sensitive and in-tune with His will.

Maybe the problem with Sunday, or Saturday is not the location or facility, but the the location of the heart of the worshiper.  Dare I say the word “Worshiper” is used loosely like “Disciple”.  For this, let us define “worshiper as one who attends a corporate worship service in a facility that have been set aside for the purpose of worshiping the Lord.  John stands in front of us all as a true worshiper.  His focus, His body, His will, His desires, His Heart, His Soul, His Strength have been solely given to the worship and service of the Lord as He chooses.  And though He is no longer on the circuit preaching to crowd and performing miracles, He understood that His time for the stage had passed, but His time to Worship the Lord would never pass from him.  Anytime!  Anywhere!  Any Place, we too must like John press to spend time with the Lord.  Not asking Him to handle the desires of our flesh, but seeking to be like Him, one in Spirit and in deed, fleshing out truth in our life, and serving as a light house and focal point for the Kingdom!







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