Keep Your Throne; I Have My Own! John 6:15

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April 29, 2016 by thebodychurchtx

Then Jesus, because he knew they were going to
come and seize him by force to make him king,
withdrew again up the mountainside alone.
John 6:15

In a world were everyone wants to be king, Jesus, oddly enough, The King of Kings, finds himself in a set of circumstances where the crowd following him desire to place Him in his rightful place.He is The King, thus placing Him as King makes perfect sense; but what about His purpose?

Understanding His purpose allowed Him to flee the plans of man that would have taken Him from the course and purpose that God has willed for His life! I wondered to myself as reading, how many of us are sitting in “King’s Chairs” not willed for our life? In our quest for significance, could we be so determined to find a chair, that we are vulnerable to the custom made chair of the adversary, designed to make you comfortable and to keep you from your purpose?  kingschair

He also knew their purpose for Him as King, was one of personal interest, not love and respect. We must maintain awareness that people will cross our paths that do not love nor respect us, but see purpose and potential in the gift and power that is with us. Their attempt to place us in the Kings chair is not to follow us, but to harness what has been given to us in a way that allows them to benefit from what has been entrusted to us.

Jesus understood that the earthly promotion was actually a demotion that would keep Him from exaltation. See, God places people in power, and assign to each person a desired path and perfect will for their life. Oddly enough, sometimes that path ends in death, that leads to life, and personal sacrifice. Too many of us are eager for promotion, and seek it in such a way, that the adversary is able to use our ambition and desires against us.

In conclusion, we must only sit in the chair prescribed for us by the Lord, and not the one designed for us by man. To do this, we must be sure of who God is, and who we are in Him; that we might walk away from earthly thrones and be elevated by the Lord into heavenly realms. We must understand that peace comes from the path that is prescribed by the Lord, and while it might be the longest and most challenging route, it is the one that will allow us to sleep in the midst of storms, dine with those who will betray us, pray for those who will deny us, submit to the will that is opposite our desires, receive the kiss from the one selling us out, restore the one who come to arrest us, survive the beatings, struggle down the road, receive aide up the hill, all to endure the pain of the cross, knowing that no stone can keep us in, because our rightful place in the Kingdom has been reserved for us!


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