May 7th…Loaves & Fishes


May 3, 2016 by thebodychurchtx

Thank you for signing up to work with the Loaves & Fishes Mission project.  Many thanks to DiMonique Daniels for being the project manager. Your hard work and sacrifice are greatly appreciated!

We are excited about making an impact with those in need. We are working to pull together each detail to ensure that both volunteer time if managed efficiently and time working makes the greatest impact possible.loavesfished

Our timeline is on schedule. Thought the Donation remains open, we are preparing to purchase the food needed to feed the people that will gather at Loaves & Fishes.  The Shopping Date for the mission will be May 5th. If you are interested in helping with the shopping effort, you can still join the Shopping Team effort. Email us at Subject Line: Shopping Team Loaves & Fishes.

Our Team will journey to Loaves & Fishes Saturday morning for our 9 o’clock Gathering & Briefing on the campus of Loaves & Fishes. Those looking for a ride can gather at our home church First Metropolitan Church at 8 o’clock.

Johnny Ogletree, III
The Body Church


One thought on “May 7th…Loaves & Fishes

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    I am looking forward to Saturdays mission. Our Shopping Day has been adjusted to May 6th. Our Brother Davis will be leading the charge at the Costco located in Katy TX off the Grand Parkway. Email us at to participate.


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