Loaves & Fishes Summary 5.7.16


May 8, 2016 by thebodychurchtx


Body Church;

What an amazing day it was in the Lord, serving His people and fellowshipping with each other.  From 9 am to 12:30 pm; each of you rolled up your sleeves, placed problems on the shelf, and placed the needs of others before your own.  Truly the Lord is smiling at your efforts today.loaves3

The Cooking Team recorded fixing over 600 hotdogs!  Working for over an hour, Brandon Richardson and Ellis Sellars manned the burners, keeping the dogs cooking and moving.  With the industrial sized pot and flames, they endured the heat of the stove, keeping us on task toward completing our goal.  These brothers deserve a Gold Star!

After cooking, the assembly team was lead by Lou Jackson.  His vision for the line helped us serve flawlessly.   With lots of thought and some new routes, the line was designed to fit each participant, giving each person room to work, and each section to work well with the next, keeping the flow from the Cooking Team going to our front line. loaves2

The Serving Team, lead by Ayanna Davis waited in the cafeteria, poised to serve each resident with a smile and the compassion of Christ.  From the front door, our Brothers controlled the flow of residents admitted and sitting at the table, as our cleaning team, lead by Sister Jackson kept the tables clean and clear for the next guest to join and dine.

Our Loaves & Fishes Mission Leader DiMonique Daniels served both the residents and our team members with excellence.  Her leadership on the Loaves & Fishes mission was invaluable.  We praise God for her cool under fire, and her smile that kept each person reminded that joy is available to all in any circumstance.    We look forward to future missions, and the future works of her hands.

loaves7Over 250 residents dined with us today, many getting second, while a few packed food for later in Tupperware dishes.   We were blessed to partner with a group that brought in sandwiches for the residents.  Our team worked hand in hand, preparing sandwiches for the brown bag lunches they planned to give each resident. This partnership proved to be very valuable, allowing residents to get a hot meal, and to have food to store away for the future.

“See everyone netted up, gloved down, sleeves up, sweat on brow, offering their bodies as living sacrifices brought a smile to my face” Johnny Ogletree, III recalled.  “This is what The Body does!”

We are thankful to all that contributed their finances to the Loaves and Fishes Mission.  Your donation has helped many people, and has aided in being the Light of Christ to many residents in the city of Houston.  May God continue to smile on you!  May He restore anything you have sacrificed, and may your heart continue to be conditioned and sensitive to the needs that continue to exist.

The Body Church of Texas



One thought on “Loaves & Fishes Summary 5.7.16

  1. pastorjdo3 says:

    The team came together! I was so proud of the effort and even more happier hearing the testimonies of the experience from those that attended.


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