Remain an Officer or Become a King?

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June 10, 2016 by pastorjdo3

Bible Study was drawn from the 9th Chapter of 2 Kings, verses 2-13.    The group looked in to the story of Jehu’s call to become King and all the different nuances of the account.

Verse 2 When you arrive there, look for Jehu son of Jehosaphat son of Nimshi and take him aside into an inner room.

There are no Co-incidents!  Your life is Designed!

In this, verse, Elisha is talking to the young prophet about the future encounter he will have with Jehu.  He has been shown by the Lord where, Jehu will be standing and has orchestrated for him to be in a place where he can be taken in, anointed and instructed.  God spoke about this moment to Elijah first, and now has instructed further Elisha who is now passing the assignment to the young prophet.  God is working, orchestrating and leading us.  We can walk in assurance and confidence with the understanding that God is truly in control, helping us to find our purpose, designing our assignment and preparing us to receive it.

Verse 5 When he arrived, the officers of the army were sitting there.  So he said, “I have a message for you, O officer. “Jehu asked, “For which one of us?”  He replied, “For you, O officer.”  v. 6 So Jehu got up and went in side.  Then the prophet poured the oil on his head and said to him, “This is what the LORD God of Israel says, ‘I have designated you as king over the LORD’s people Israel.

Who Me?  Yes You!

Jehu sat among other officers while the prophet approached.   The prophet knows whom Jehu is, because he does not ask him to identify himself.  He says, “I have a message for you.”  In other words,  he knew who Jehu was and was speaking directly to him.  Though he did this, Jehu still ask him who he is speaking too.

crownMany of us have the same response when the LORD sends a Word to us!  We hear the message, know the voice, receive confirmation from the word, but still say, “Who Me?”  Much of our response has to do with our sense of worth.  Do you value yourself enough to answer the call?  Many of us are plagued with low spiritual self esteem.  While this might appear to be humility, in many cases it is a lack of understanding as to how powerful and gifted we are.  We are far more capable than our prior accomplishments and present circumstances.    Even while Jehu was fighting, the prophecy existed long ago that He was a king.  Thus even while an officer, a King is in him!  What is in you?  What are you called to be?  What are capable of?  What has God lined up for you?

Disobedience is a Detour while Obedience keeps you on the Path!

Verse 11  When Jehu rejoined his master’s servants, they asked him, “Is everything okay?  Why did this madman visit you?  He replied, “Ah, its not important.  You know that kind of man he is and the kinds of things he says.”

Here we find Jehu leaving the room to join his fellow officers.  When asked about the encounter, he declines to speak, dismissing it as the words of a crazy person.  Jehu has been told that he is to be a king, but is satisfied with returning to his friends and remaining an officer.    Are you still an officer?  Are you content with being an officer?  Did you take the Word from the Lord serious?  The Lord has spoken to many of us, but we have been disobedient!  Could it be that the lack of rest and or peace in your life is because you are off the path designed for you?  God placed in him the ability to be King, and a desire and passion for restoring righteousness.  Only a piece of this can be done from his position as officer, so becoming King is the final piece to the puzzle of purpose and achievement.

Sometimes Others see Things in us Before we do!

Verse 12  But they said, “You’re lying  Tell us what he said.”  So he told them what he had said.  He also related how he had said, “This is what the LORD says, “I have designated you as king over Israel.”

Though they referred to the young prophet as a madman, because he was speaking to Jehu, they new that his words were important.  Maybe it was because of Jehu’s bloodline?  Then again, it could be because they had fought along side Jehu and recognized his ability?  I believe that Jehu’s fellow officers knew that his time would come as King.  They knew he would not be an officer forever.  This is how it is for many that are with us.  Though we may believe of feel as though we lack accomplishments and qualifications, those that are with us daily have identified characteristics and traits that will one day change the world.

Speak it!  Confess it!  Share it!  Tell it!

Shamefully, Jehu’s peers had to force him to speak it!  Where as Jehu should have been eager and willing to share forth what the prophet said, we was reluctant and downplayed the encounter.  This still dealing with self worth an doubt!  We have all be here.  After receiving a Word, we must accept and apply it to our circumstances.   We must not be ashamed of the Word he has spoken over our lives, and must trust that even ending up at the bottom of a cistern is God’s plan to get us to the top.  Speaking it displays confidence not in oneself, but in the one who has spoken.  It is God’s choice that he become King, and not Jehu’s own.  But we like Jehu have an issue with declaring what God has spoken for our lives, ashamed to speak it, afraid to confess it, unsure about confessing it, and unwilling to tell it.

Little did He know!

Verse 13 Each of them quickly took off his robe and they spread them out at his feet on the steps.  The trumpet was blown and the shouted, “Jehu is king!”

Jehu was unaware that his fellow officers were willing to submit to him and eager to acknowledge him as king!   The questions he had in his heart about being able to do the physical things necessary to become king, were made clearer once he opened his mouth about his assignment!  Granny Lela would say, “closed mouths don’t get fed!”  In this same sense, his closed mouth would have restricted him from the wisdom and ability of those around his that would support him on his journey.  They too were willing to follow the will of the Lord to help in the restoration of righteousness to the Kingdom of God.

Yes, He will provide.  The provision you need is near.  Think it not a coincidence that his initial support comes from those who have served and fought along side of him.  Likewise, your help might be generated from those near who have watched you fight the good fight, understand your heart and your desire.  Those who have seen your character, and know you sometimes better than you know yourself.  They see the role they can play in helping you accomplish your dreams, and are willing to lay down their lives to see you advance the kingdom, but helping you elevate yourself.  They helped spread the word and generated more support for him as he amassed a group to take over the Kingdom.  So it will be with you!  Believe what has been spoken.  Step into your role!  Believe God!





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